About Us


This is David P. Watson, a professional lumberjack who is an enthusiast for woodworking and a hobbyist who makes shape as an amazing craft with accurate cutting wood.

I graduated with versatile saws, and that helps me cut smooth to shape anything as my desire. Besides, I know well how to clean cut with saws for woodworking.

From my point of view, I realized that the ax is a very slow and old method, even an inconvenient way to cut, trim and prune wood. And the saddest thing you need to know is that the enormous woodworker and inexperienced lumberjack doesn’t have enough knowledge about power machines. And because of this, they are suffering a lot. That’s what woodedwire.com I built on, sharing my gathering knowledge to ease up your hard labor day with power saws.

Finally, my core purpose is to let the people know about power machines for wood cutting, splitting, trimming, and pruning.

Also, my dream is to increase awareness about the proper use of saws in the right way.

What We Are:

We are a professional and enthusiast with a woodworking team together to help people with power machines.

We’re here to share our good day-bad day with experience with those who want to be professional artisans with wood.

Besides, the recommendation about the tools we’re using with the proper guide helps you pick the best one with your budget range for purchase.

However, a power machine is highly essential for beginner and professional loggers—besides, the homeowner who loves to do woodworking projects must have enough knowledge of saws.

Since the power machine is roughly expensive, so a user has to spend a lot on it. But when the chosen tool is wrong, or the quality is not good, the whole investment is wasted.

So, here, we are dedicated to providing the right source of power machines. Also, we provided basic and advanced tips for using and maintaining saws.

Last but not least, it’s easier to get in touch with us; if you have any questions or saws-related issues, we’re glad to hear from you with the CONTACT page.