Best 2 Stroke Oil For Chainsaw

Best 2 Stroke Oil For Chainsaw To Keep The Machine Well-Maintained

Now is the era of modern chainsaws with two-cycle engines. So, you need the best 2 stroke oil for chainsaw to maintain such high-performance saws.

Long gone are the days of generic oils that used to be used for older chainsaws. Nowadays they run much hotter, resultantly, in requiring high-quality oils with better lubricating properties. Moreover, only 2 stroke oils can match their high temperature still keeping all the parts undamaged. Therefore, you can have a hassle-free long lifespan of the saw.

So, let’s meet the 5 best oils for your chainsaw below featuring 2 stroke technology. In addition, there’s a buying guide to make your search easier!

Product Review of Best 2 Stroke Oil for Chainsaw

Best Engine Protection- Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil for Chainsaw

Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil for Chainsaw

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First, on the lineup, we want you to explore an irresistible chainsaw oil that can be one of your best buys. Let’s check out the specifications below.


  • Prolongs the lifespan of the engine
  • Comes with a fuel stabilizer
  • Produced for professional use
  • Comes in 2.6 oz. bottles
  • Reduces temperature for engine operation

The prime specifications above say that with no argument, this is one of the best 2 cycle oils for chainsaw and other 2 stroke engines as well. Coming in a package of 6 bottles, the synthetic blend oil is mainly used for rough and tough motors.

Besides, the synthetic blend ensures that the oil contains adequate lubricating properties to make all parts of the saw work accordingly.

And all thanks to the high-tech fuel stabilizer, the engine operation temperature is noticeably low. Also, it featured Husqvarna’s signature engine formula which keeps the temperature under control.

Due to the high lubricating capability, it causes less coating to the piston. As a result, it expands the lifespan of your chainsaw engine. Whether you use it with a Husqvarna saw or any other chainsaws, no issue arises. The oil does its job equally well for any sort of husky tool.

Another noteworthy thing about this engine oil is the cheaper price point. You can easily afford it for regular chainsaw maintenance. And the quality doesn’t let you down!

However, the smell is a bit annoying. Other than that, it’s a great deal indeed!


  • High-quality oil to keep the engine protected 
  • Makes your chainsaws last longer
  • Provides sufficient lubrication
  • Includes fuel stabilizer for optimum engine performance 
  • Doesn’t cause sudden engine failure


  • The performance deteriorates after several usages
  • The smell is not that good

Best All-Season Husqvarna 593152303 XP 2 Stroke Oil

Husqvarna 593152303 XP 2 Stroke Oil

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Engineered in order to enhance any engine performance, the Husqvarna XP 2-Stroke Engine Oil is made with all the right ingredients. What is sealed in every bottle is a blend of premium, high-end additives in a semi-synthetic base oil. But what makes vehicle owners approve of it? Let’s see.


  • Made with fuel stabilizer to make it last longer without wasting.
  • Comes with excellent lubrication ability to save the engine from being heated up too soon.
  • Lowers the operating temperature of your engine so the engine can perform for long.
  • Extends the life of the engine’s performance.
  • Can handle a very high amount of load, especially for professionally used vehicles. 

The safest thing about this engine oil is that it is JASO-FD certified. What this means for vehicle owners is that it meets and exceeds oil safety standards and proves itself to be a tough one for your engines. The formulation of this oil is a balance of lower exhaust output, higher lubricant, and optimal detergency. 

Also, the smoke formulation when using this oil is pretty low, so the engine can operate at the lowest possible temperature, preventing any premature engine failure. 

As you know from the features, this one also comes with a fuel stabilizer which further lowers the risk of failure in engine performance due to using spoiled gas. And since this is significantly smokeless, you will notice its difference from cheaply mixed engine oils used in chainsaws. 

For the same reasons, many users divert from mixed oils to the XP+ for all of their 2-stroked, small-engine equipment, whether or not the engine of that equipment is made from Husqvarna! 

These also come in pre-measured bottles, so you have the correct ratio of gasoline that you need for your machines. So if you want to use your chainsaw for decades to come, you know which oil has your back.


  • Reduces engine operating temperature.
  • Comes with high-quality lubricant and detergency.
  • Premium blend of materials with base oil.
  • A smokeless operation to reduce engine heat up.
  • Perfect for Husqvarna engines.


  • Not as suitable for other engines.
  • Expensive for some users.

Best Value for Money- Husqvarna Mineral Bar and Chain Oil

Husqvarna Mineral Bar and Chain Oil

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In the third place, let’s talk about another outstanding 2-cycle engine oil for a chainsaw that belongs to the famous manufacturer, Husqvarna. Let’s find out what salient features it comes with.


  • Comes in a 1-quart bottle that is equivalent to 946 mL
  • A balanced blending of premium base oil
  • Reduces wear and friction to a notable extent
  • Extends engine lifespan
  • Produces optimum cutting output by lubricating chain and bar

As the name suggests, it offers ultimate protection from heat, wear, and friction to the chainsaw bar and chain. So, we highly recommend this mineral oil as the go-to lubricant for any brand’s saw.

One good thing about this popular chainsaw lubricant is that it works for all types of saws, be it electric or battery-operated. But not for gas-powered though!

Another praiseworthy point is the dark golden hue. The texture says it all when you pour it into the tank. Thanks to the high-quality formation, the oil flows smoothly.

And the next thing to fall for is its vintage hydrocarbon-like smell. Also, it’s wonderfully slippery to cover the chain.

Most importantly, you can even refurbish a year-old saw with this fluid even if it’s entirely rusted. As soon as you fill the oiler tank with this amazing saw oil, the engine starts up on the very first pull. What more could you want from a chainsaw oiler that costs only a few bucks?

Furthermore, the oil reduces the rate of high-speed throw-off with the balanced base stocks blending. The tackifier additives play a huge role as well!

Although it could have been great if it would have been less sticky. In that regard, we suggest trying the Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil for Chainsaw.


  • Manufactured for heavy-duty use
  • Works equally well in both high and low temperature 
  • Non-petroleum based oil for cutting wood efficiently 
  • Sticks to the bar and chain pretty well
  • Heat, friction, and wear-resistant


  • Could have been less sticky 
  • Not usable for gas-powered saw

Best Overall- Husqvarna HP 2-CYC Oil

Best Overall- Husqvarna HP 2-CYC Oil

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Here comes another proven power player in the engine oil industry, that too from Husqvarna again. Well, this time it’s Husqvarna HP 2-CYC Oil. The prime features are as follow-


  • High performance 2 stroke oil
  • Assures engine longevity
  • Maximum lubricity and detergency
  • Comes with a fuel stabilizer for better engine execution
  • Verified Engine Formula prevents engine failure

The very first thing to notice about this enriched 2 stroke chainsaw oil is its ultimate lubrication power. It’s a semi-synthetic base oil that comes with the guarantee of optimal performance in protecting your chainsaw parts. Moreover, it takes care of the tool’s long lifespan too.

Usually, high-tech chainsaws come leaner and resultantly, run hotter. But thanks to the high-quality additives, this oil keeps the temperature as low as possible. Also, the fuel stabilizer is a wonderful inclusion indeed.

Talking about the formulation, Husqvarna always outperforms others by manufacturing professional-grade engine oil. This 2-cycle oil is no exception. The powerful formula makes the engine work much better than anyone could expect. You face almost no engine failure at all!

In addition, the low operating temperature makes the oil a great deal for your chainsaw.

However, some customers complained that it didn’t come in six-packs. So, beware to buy from trusted sellers only!


  • The oil is clean and purified
  • Makes the engine starts immediately 
  • Doesn’t cause any smoke while operating the saw
  • Low operating temperature 
  • An optimum level of lubricity


  • A bit high-priced 
  • Not fully synthetic, rather a semi-synthetic one

Thickest of All- Echo 6450001 Power Blend 1 Gallon Oil Mix

Echo 6450001 Power Blend 1 Gallon Oil Mix

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Just like the semi-synthetic blend in the Husqvarna 593152303, in the Echo engine oil, too, you have a part synthetic and a part petroleum blend as labeled in the bottles. Suitable for small equipment like trimmers and large equipment like chainsaws and blowers, 1 gallon of this oil mix can give you one month of yard work on itself. Here are the other details.


  • 2-cycle engine oil that is mixed in a 50:1 ratio.
  • Has the cleansing ability for existing engine deposits from previous oil burns.
  • Comes in a value pack of 6, 2.6 oz bottles.
  • Can protect your powerful engines against high carbon buildup.
  • Features a genuine OEM Echo Part.

Whether it is blowers, trimmers, or chainsaws that you want to use the oil for, you know that any equipment deserves the right oil. The best thing about this oil from Echo is that it works comfortably with various brands of appliances. 

It comes with a particular additive that prevents the fuel system of the entire engine from gumming and creating excess carbon deposits. 

Also, this oil is famous for starting engines at the first pull of vehicles and equipment that wouldn’t previously budge or act. And if you are a user who has trouble getting the last oil out of the engine, the worry melts away with this one! 

Your engine can utilize this oil to the last bit without the oil making unnecessary deposits at the bottom that store over time and curb engine performance to the bottom. So you’ll run out of fuel a little later with this oil.

This also performs very well with weed eaters and keeps them active for 15-20 years and more, given that you engage in only seasonal cases. If you have a lot of Echo machines at home, you will benefit from using this Echo oil and extend their life a good many years. 

So, all in all, it is a great oil on and off-season to keep your engines from clogging up and for always keeping the fuel fresh and ready for rolling.


  • Works in harmony with all Echo machines.
  • Very suitable for machines used in yard work.
  • Saves oil from clogging up inside unused vehicles over the season.
  • Comes with a fuel stabilizer.
  • Extend the lives of equipment.


  • The blend can be further improved.
  • Suitable for small to medium gas machines.

What Are the Differences Between 2Cycle Oil Vs 4 Cycle Oil?

The key difference between 2 cycle oil Vs 4 cycle oil lies in their usability. You can directly mix 2 cycle oil with gas. But in the case of a 4 stroke engine, the oil needs to be poured separately.

Besides, 2 cycle oil is way more refined as it can burn with gasoline. And most importantly, it causes almost no smoke emission. And these oils are lighter as well.

On the other hand, 4 cycle engine oil doesn’t consist of the same additives as 2 stroke oil. It comes thicker in consistency and doesn’t burn.

However, because of the differences in the formula, you should never use 2 cycle oil instead of 4 cycle oil and vice versa.

Steps for Mixing Two-Stroke Fuel and Oil for the Chainsaw

In case you are confused about how to mix fuel and oil in a 2 stroke engine, follow the steps below-

Step 1

First, purchase a high-quality 2 stroke oil. Then collect an empty fuel can along with fresh fuel.

Step 2

The fuel and oil ratio would be 50:1. That means you need to add 20 mL of oil for 1L fuel. The ratio might vary for different brand’s oil. Check out the manufacturers’ guidelines beforehand.

Step 3

In order to expand the shelf life of your fuel, you can add a fuel stabilizer of the respective brand. This will considerably prolong the longevity of the fuel and oil mixture, up to one year.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly mix 2 stroke oil for your chainsaw.

How To Change Chainsaw Engine Oil

If you want your chainsaw to run properly, you must change the engine oil at a regular interval. To change the engine oil in a saw you need to follow the following simple steps-

  • Set the saw on a plane surface
  • Then detach the screw of the reservoir and open the cap. Now fill it with oil but avoid pouring too much of it.
  • Finally, set the cap back and screw it properly.

Please remember, if you don’t change the oil regularly it might cause friction, overheating, wear out, etc.

Factors to Consider before Buying a 2 Stroke Oil for Chainsaw

Before you buy the best 2 stroke oil for chainsaws, the following things should be taken into consideration.


Based on your engine’s needs, you have to choose between castor oil, semisynthetic oil, synthetic oil, and mineral oil.

Synthetic and semisynthetic oils work great in terms of lubrication. Between these two, the semisynthetic one costs less. However, synthetic oil adds some extra benefits such as stabilizing, bolstering, etc.

Mineral oil, on the other hand, is the cheapest of all. But it lacks functionality like the other three oils. Castor oil is a great pick if you don’t have issues with residues.


We always suggest going for oil that is compatible with a specific engine type. That’s why checking the manufacturers’ instructions first is an absolute must. Go for universal oil or be sure if the oil covers your specific engine type or not.

Additionally, you must follow the exact ratio to mix the oil with fuel. You can create your own ratio though! And we always prefer synthetic oil the most due to its global acceptance. On top of that, it’s totally safe for your saw’s engine.


The oil must come with a shelf life of as long as possible. Who knows you need to store them for how long? So, choose 2 stroke oil for a chainsaw that features oxidant additives.

Cleaning Characteristics

Truth be told, it’s the most crucial feature to look at in engine oil. You must know how well it cleans the harmful components such as corrosion, oil sludge, particles, etc. That’s why check for the detergents, dispersants, etc. in the additive list.

Smoke and Odor Free

It’s quite natural to emit a little bit of smoke when the oil burns. But be careful that it shouldn’t cause excess emission. So, always try to invest in high-quality oils. As a result, you can also get rid of foul odors.


Another important factor to look for in chainsaw oil is viscosity. Not only does it fight against high temperature, speed, and pressure but also maintains the engine’s stability. So, we recommend selecting thicker oil with a high viscosity level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use Any 2 Stroke Oil In My Chainsaw?

Yes, if it contains all the necessary lubricating ingredients. But experts suggest using only high-quality oil for high-performance air-cooled engines which is contrary to water-cooled engines’ oil.

What Type of Oil is Appropriate for a Chainsaw?

Usually, petroleum-based oils are mostly suggested to keep the chainsaw running efficiently.

How To Check Chainsaw Engine Oil?

To check the chainsaw engine oil, first, you need to check the engine. If it has a transparent tank, check the level of the gas mixture. If not, then add some fuel and open the tank.

What happens if you run a chainsaw without bar oil?

Without bar oil, a chainsaw will be wear-prone and the teeth, chain, and other parts will break easily.

Do Electric chainsaws need bar oil?

Electric chainsaws do need lubrication in the bar and chain. But they don’t need bar oil as fuel to run.

Final Thoughts 

After thoughtful research and careful consideration of the five best 2 stroke oils for a chainsaw, we found the Husqvarna HP 2-CYC Oil as the clear winner. It assures an immediate startup, lower smoke emissions, and reliable operation. Being semisynthetic, it is budget-friendly as well.

But if you prefer synthetic oil for your chainsaw, we recommend trying the Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil.

Regardless of your choice, any of the above products will take care of your engine’s efficacy to the fullest.

Have you tried any chainsaw oil already? Share your experience below!

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