Best Chainsaw for Beginners

Best Chainsaw for Beginners (5 Options You Must Try!)

Are you a beginner woodworker who’s learning how to deal with chainsaws? Well, you’d need the best chainsaw for beginners for safe and protected use in the learning phases.

Chainsaws are extremely risky devices to work with. And anyone with a slight bit of woodworking skill would agree to it. That’s why when you’re learning the craft, it’s crucial to get chainsaws that are specially made for newbies.

But how do you find the ones that offer you the desired quality and a sophisticated performance catered for the new users?

Well, that’s where our guide comes in! The extremely detailed and highly comprehensive guide will go through some of the quality options you can try and offer you vital instructions for a good start!

Best Chainsaw for Beginners

Now, we’ll talk about a total of five different items. We’ll try to offer a solid explanation regarding each of them, so you get a thorough idea before going ahead with one. Let’s begin!

Craftsman Corded Chainsaw

We’re starting our discussion with the Craftsman’s corded chainsaw. Coming with a tremendously popular brand image, this one can surely be what you’ve been looking for.


  • Tremendously lightweight at 6.19 lbs
  • Corded saw for constant power
  • 12 amp motor for extended energy
  • 16inch bar for medium to high reach

So, you’d be using it as a beginner woodworker, and thanks to the low kickback tendencies of the device, you’d be able to perform the cutting operations in a much safer manner.

For new users, adjusting the chains using complicated tools and mechanisms may be highly challenging. Keeping that in mind, Craftsman has brought in innovative, tool-free chain adjustment capabilities in the device. So, you’d be able to tune the chains easily whenever you want!

Despite the ease, it won’t compromise power. Coming with a powerful 12 amp motor, this chainsaw would surely deal with different types of woods.

Finally, with its 16-inch bar, you’d get a 14-inch long cutting capacity, which will help you cut different types of wooden boards with ease.

The plastic body may seem a bit off-putting to the users. But considering the tons of benefits it offers, this is something you can go ahead with as a starting option anytime!


Lower kickback makes it safer and easier for new users to work

Tool-free adjustment capabilities let new users tune it to perfection anytime

Powerful 12 amp motor cuts through different wooden boards

14inch long reach for deep cuts


Plastic body can get damaged or broken easily

Oregon Corded Electric Chainsaw

At the 2nd spot in the list, we have another tremendously well-received piece of equipment you can try out. This one is manufactured by the Oregon Store and has a solid consumer satisfaction record!


  • Moderate weight of 13 lbs for easier work
  • Corded saw for uninterrupted operation
  • Exceptional outer design
  • 16-inch bar for a credible reach

If you’re someone who likes to work on serious woodworking projects and requires a bit more power, then this one should be a quality add-on. Because it comes with a whopping 15 amp motor which will cut through almost anything it encounters.

Further, it has a feature called ‘ControlledCut,’ which helps you get a smoother edge on the wooden boards, unlike the cheap devices that leave you with a coarse finish.

Much like the Craftsman Corded Chainsaw, this one also offers a built-in chain tuning capability. As a result, you won’t have to employ complicated instruments to fix the chain alignment.

Finally, the integrated oiling mechanism will lubricate the bar reducing the wear and tear effects to a minimum.

One of the issues that you may find a bit problematic is the manual. And it can become a serious issue if you’re a newcomer as you don’t have a solid understanding of how chainsaws generally work. You can rely on YT tutorials or forums for the job.

However, considering the immense potential this device has to provide, we’d certainly recommend it over the average ones any day!


Staggering 15 amp motor powers through any wooden boards

Integrated oiling mechanism reduces wear and tear

Smoother cutting capabilities

Easily adjustable chain tuning properties


A flawed manual can create confusion

Worx Corded Electric Chainsaw

If you’re looking for one of the best-corded chainsaws, Wrox’s WG304 should surely be on the list. Let’s find out the different features it has to offer.


  • A moderate weight of 11.2 lbs for easy movement
  • Corded model for consistent performance
  • Large 18-inch bar for exceptional reach advantage
  • Automatic saw for better convenience

Coming with a staggering 18-inch bar, this saw would provide you with an unbelievable reach for a swift cutting.

It has a more advanced chain tuning mechanism than Oregon Corded Electric Chainsaw and Craftsman Corded Chainsaw. The auto-tension chain tuning would help you guide the adjustment process and reduce the risk of accidental damages.

This one possesses an automated lubrication system that greases the bars for exceptional cuts. Further, it has the instant brake capability for the newbies, which makes it extraordinarily safer as you can stop it instantly during emergencies.

Last but not the least, having a solid grip and full-wrap handle on the working processes would be outstandingly comfortable. Because of the extended grip, you’d be able to work with it without tiring your hands minutes into the operation.

It may take some time to get larger or tougher woods to be sliced through. But looking at the things it’s offering, this should undoubtedly be a good deal for beginner woodworkers any time!


Automated chain adjustment makes it highly convenient for the new users

The exceptional grip helps users handle it better without getting tired early

Instant brake ability makes it safer

The unbelievably long 18-inch bar offers unparalleled reach

Automated lubrication for smoother cuts


It May take some time for tougher woods

Worx Corded Electric 16 Chainsaw

Close to the final parts of our item discussions, we have a tremendously powerful Worx chainsaw. Being corded like the rest, it should surely be a dependable device for the newcomers in the industry.


  • 11.1 lbs medium weight adds convenience
  • Corded design for ease of use
  • 16inch long bar
  • 14.5 amp power for added strength

Power is what it’s all about. This 16 amp beast should easily slice through most of the wooden boards or Pisces. Plus, the auto lubrication will keep the chains moist, so you get nice and smooth cuts every time!

Similar to the Worx Corded Electric Chainsaw we talked about earlier, this one too has a safety brake system to immediately stop the operation that prevents and minimizes any potential physical injuries.

Further, the ergonomic handle with this device is something that lets you grab it snugly for a versatile sawing.

The metal spike bumper technology is there to aid beginners as it minimizes kickbacks and provides you an effortless wood-cutting experience with added safety.

It may seem a bit too heavy for some users, which can minimize work time, especially for people with weaker upper bodies. But all in all, this is without a doubt one of the most effective chainsaws you can go for right now.


Highly powerful chainsaw for cutting woods effortlessly

Ergonomic handle for swift operation

Reduced kickback makes it an ideal device for beginners

Instant safety break for added physical protection


It May seem slightly heavy for some users

Makita Cordless Chainsaw

This brings us to our last and final item on the list. Being one of the leading power tools manufacturers, the Japanese Makita is here on our list for advanced users.


  • Cordless movement-friendly device
  • Weighs a whopping 21.6 lbs
  • 14″ bar for better reach
  • Speed adjustment options

One thing that separates this incredible chainsaw from the rest is its cordless technology. Unlike the devices up above, this chainsaw is powered by lithium-ion batteries, so you can move however you want while doing the work and get precise cuts as a result.

It comes equipped with a brushless motor for a tremendously efficient work output while reducing the operation noise down to a certain degree.

Like the Oregon Corded Electric Chainsaw, this one offers an unbelievably convenient tool-free chain adjustability option.

Safety is the most important factor for new users. And rightly so, Makita introduces a specially designed lock-off lever feature. You can lock the saw completely while not in use to prevent accidental damages or physical injuries. This option would be a good add-on for those who have kids at home.

For newer users, it’s a must that the device has to be sturdy besides being safe. This one offers the XPT technology, which battles against dust and water-related damages to the equipment.

Although they’ve increased its safety, you may find continuously pressing the power button a bit tiring while working.

However, it should offer exceptional performance on the whole and definitely a quality item you can go for.


Cordless operation adds tremendous flexibility

Brushless motor offers swift and noiseless performance

Extended safety features for overall physical protection for the new users

Highly durable dust and water-resistant performance


It May seem a bit tiring as users have to constantly keep pressing the power button

Tips to Use a Chainsaw for Beginners

Although the items we mentioned come with increased safety features, the new users should have a basic guideline for how they should interact with the tool. Being a power tool, chainsaws can prove fatal if not handled properly. Let’s look at some of the key tips you should follow as a newbie:

Always Use Protection Before Use

This is not something to laugh away. In fact, taking the protective gears lightly can cause serious physical injuries. You should use protective gloves and shoes for arm and feet safety.

Your hands may accidentally come in contact with the chains, or you may drop a running chainsaw on your feet. Just imagine what would be the consequences if you’re not equipped with the right gears at that moment.

Chainsaw chaps and eye and ear protection are also crucial for users’ safety while operating chainsaws.

Safety Tips While Starting the Devices

The way you start has a lot to do with overall safety. If you’re starting too close to your body or someone else’s, there’s a large possibility that anyone can end up badly hurt. Let’s see what are the key tips while starting your saw:

  • Always try to get the chainsaw out if it happens to be stuck on a chunk of wood. Use your feet to exert pressure and get the saw out without starting it in an enclosed position. A large kickback can make it messy if you start your saw in such positions.
  • Being a beginner, never try a drop start. Such mechanisms are reserved for the more skilled woodworkers, and trying to do such can result in permanent physical damage.
  • Go through the manual and user reviews before starting the operation. Different saws work in different ways, and each one has its own sort of risk factors. That’s why having a thorough theoretical and real-life understanding of them is crucial before using them.

How to Deal Safely With Kickbacks

Chainsaw kickbacks are among the most irritating and risky factors you must learn about. To simplify, kickback usually refers to the fast and unprecedented upward motion of the chainsaw bar when it comes in contact with an object.

So, when you’re cutting any wooden area that’s too tough for the chains to smoothly cut through, it can reverse back towards you. And that’s why everyone must know about the basic kickback safety procedures. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while handling a saw:

  • Always check the wooden board if it’s used previously. Check for any tough materials like nails or other steel parts. If the chain encounters such objects while running, a possible kickback would be very well on your way.
  • Avoid cutting with the bar tip.
  • Whenever you’re putting the chainsaw for the cut, go real slow. Wait and see how it cuts, and then apply pressure.
  • Never forget to check the brake before starting. The brake is your lifeline; if anything goes wrong, it can prevent large-scale injuries. That’s why you should investigate if the brake is working properly before starting the equipment.

Well, these are some of the key tips you should keep in mind before pulling the rope!

How Do You Cut a Tree With a Chainsaw?

Cutting a tree with a chainsaw may seem completely fine. But there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. While cutting trees, you should maintain the following precautions:

Consider the Environment

Before pulling the rope, you should look at the weather conditions present. Rough winds can be life-threatening for you when you’re cutting the trees.

Heavy winds can also switch the direction on which side the tree will fall, so that’s another reason why you shouldn’t cut trees in serious environments.

Plan the Direction Rightly

Precisely measure which way the tree will fall and use precautionary measures like using ropes and other methods to make sure they don’t fall on you.


While cutting trees, always cut under the shoulder height. If you go above that, it’d be a recipe for disaster. Because we don’t have much energy to recover from a kickback when it’s over the shoulder.

And the chains can directly hit you on the upper body part. So, never attempt such cutting positions.

Check the Laws

Cutting trees can, in fact, get you behind bars if you’re not being careful enough. Each state has different laws in place to protect its own forest reserves. So, always try to go through the state or local laws before running your saw on any tree.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Chainsaw

Getting the right chainsaw can seem to be a struggle. It can get even more complicated if you’re a beginner. That’s why we’re here to offer you a clear guideline as to how you can get a quality item from thousands of different options in the market:

Type of the Chainsaw

The first thing that should be taken into consideration is the type. Primarily, chainsaws are of two kinds, corded and cordless. If you’re someone who loves to work flexibly and is focused on creating complicated designs, going for a cordless saw would be a good move.

On the flip side, if you’re a beginner, it’s better to stick with the corded ones. Because you’d need a continuous power supply to try and learn different cutting techniques.

 As you’d be connected to the outlet, the learning process would be completely free of any pre-thoughts regarding depleting the battery.

Consider the Power

Power is one of the most important areas for understanding chainsaws. Usually, 8-11 amp saws are considered light, and 12 to 14 are considered medium-duty. Anything above 15 amp is considered heavy-duty saws used by professional woodworkers.

As you’re a beginner, we recommend sticking between light and medium-duty. If you want to work on hard wooden surfaces and materials, going for a heavy-duty one would be the most appropriate and much more future-proof.

Chain Adjustment Capabilities

Here is another factor worth considering before getting a chainsaw. It’s always better for newcomers to use chainsaws that auto-adjust their chains. It’d be the most hassle-free adjustment capability to go for. However, these sorts of auto-adjusted chains may not always perform up to the expectation.

Further, you can also try the ones that let you adjust the chains without using any tools whatsoever. These are more reliable and free of complicated tool use.

Safety Brake

For beginners, this is a must. You can run into emergencies when you’d have to immediately stop the saw from running. In this case, safety brakes would be vital. You don’t recommend any newcomers to use chainsaws without this feature.

Automated Lubrication

Automated lubrication is also crucial. It keeps the chains moist for a smoother performance. Another positive for having these automated lubrication technologies is that they’d help maintain the saw’s durability. It’ll protect the system from increased wearing and extend the lifespan of the devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the Best Chainsaw for a Beginner?

The lightweight saw comes with added safety features like the trigger on/off; safety brakes would be the best for beginners.

What Do I Need to Know About a Chainsaw?

You must know whether it’s a corded or cordless saw. Then learn about the amperage to determine whether it’s a low, medium, or heavy-duty saw. Finally, check if the handle grips are easy to hold onto. 

Is a Mini Chainsaw Worth It?

They’d be a great alternative if you’re using them for light-duty work.

Are Chainsaws Easy to Use?

Because of the user difficulties and safety issues, chainsaws aren’t easy to use.

Final Words

After a long discussion, we’re at the final parts of our guide. We’ve talked about some of the best chainsaws for beginners throughout the guide. We’ve detailed their features and discussed some of their drawbacks to give you a fuller understanding.

While selecting your favorite one, consider the weight and the feeling you experience when you hold on to it. Never forget to wear the safety gear and always lock the chainsaw while storing and keep it completely away from children’s reach.

Chainsaws are a great way to start your woodworking journey. So, what are you waiting for?

Get one for yourself and start rolling right away!

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