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5 Best Chainsaw For Dirt Bike – Carry them Anywhere You Want!

You must choose lightweight and portable chainsaws for your dirt bike. If you’re someone who needs to travel from one place to another fast you may very well want to consider the best chainsaw for a dirt bike.

Chainsaws, as we all know, are no light stuff. They’re pretty heavy and known for their power-hungry nature.

As a result, it can get extremely difficult for any individual to move these machines from one location to the next. And the job would get even more challenging if you happen to perform it using a bike.

Best Chainsaw For Dirt Bike Reviews:

Today we’re going to talk about quality chainsaws that offer quality performance. And should be portable enough to be transported using a bike.

Best All-around: DEREAL 62cc Gas Chainsaws for Dirt Bike

DEREAL 62cc Gas Chainsaws for Dirt Bike

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First on our list is the highly well-received Dereal 62cc gas chainsaws. If you’ve been looking for a quality gas saw for plenty of power, this is something worth giving a try. Let’s learn more about this one.


  • 62cc engine
  • Portability enhanced design
  • Quality cutting capabilities
  • Oil lubrication technology
  • Cordless convenience

The thing that you should focus on while getting a chainsaw for a dirt bike is the weight. You must make sure the chainsaw you’re getting is light enough to be carried on the back of your bike.

And this one by Dereal meets that criteria. Being tremendously lightweight it will provide you with great flexibility while getting transported.

Being a gas-powered and cordless chainsaw gives you a lot more flexibility while working. Getting the chainsaw set up can become a trouble for some. But this one is unbelievably easy to set up making it more convenient for regular usage.

Another positive of this one is that it’s a two-stroke engine. This latest chainsaw technology would provide you with a highly efficient and reliable working style and exceptionally cost-effective fuel consumption.

Having a sharper edge would help you cut wooden elements with ease. While the added lubricator would spray oil to keep the chains moist for buttery smooth cuts every time!

The chain may wear out a bit too early on this one but you can always replace them anytime you want. Overall, a standard chainsaw you can easily transport on bikes!


Lightweight chainsaw for added portability

Extra sharp edge for faster cutting

Oil lubrication makes cuts smoother

Easy to set up

Minimized fuel consumption


Chain may wear out a bit early

Safety brake may malfunction

Best for Dirt Bike: EGO Power+ CS1401 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

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Who doesn’t dig a powerful chainsaw that not only exceeds the power of gas but also saves you the trouble of extra noise and fumes?

The Ego power+ CS1401 is going to be your favorite if you love yourself a noise-free smart dirt bike. Not to mention, this gadget cuts right into the chase with its effortless smooth cutting features.


  • Exceeds speed up to 6800 rpm
  • Adjustable chain tensioner
  • Maximum penetrating diameter up to 14inches
  • Double guarded and reversible bar
  • Safe and sound free operation

When it comes down to purchasing products like chainsaws, convenience and durability are big questions in mind.

Lucky for you, the EGO Power+ CS1401 comes with a 56V ARC lithium battery that allows you to cut extra costs on gasses and fumes– making it extra convenient and durable. With the battery control, this dirtbike becomes user-friendly and fun to use.

Not just convenience, this chainsaw also excels in being a high-efficient tool.

That’s because it maintains low vibrations and runs for a longer duration than most chainsaws out there– making it less noisy and more workable. Delivering intense power, this Chainsaw extends both the run time and the tool usage.

In addition, with a 14inch bar and chain, this chainsaw can penetrate through thick softwood, branches, and even hardwoods effortlessly with smooth cuts. Who doesn’t love a smooth cut, especially when it’s a chainsaw!

For its smooth recombinant cuts, users will enjoy a safer and more appealing work experience when using the EGO Power+ CS1401 Chainsaw.

Moreover, it’s water-resistant, which makes it a trouble-free gadget to work with. Be it wet wood or dry wood, you can cut through it all.


Convenient and easy to use

Water-resistant structure

Delivers smooth cuts

Lower vibrations

Extended motor life


Compatible battery required for optimum results.

Changing batteries after it wears down.

Best Lightweight: WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw for Dirt Bike

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw for Dirt Bike

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If you’re looking for an exceptionally effective and highly portable chainsaw for easy bike transport then going for this premium pick by WEN shouldn’t be a regrettable move. Now, we’re detailing all the features it will help you with. 


  • Clean electric power
  • Durability enhanced construction
  • Tool-free adjustment possibilities
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Added ease of use

The thing that makes it the most effective item for on-the-go working is its tremendously lightweight construction. Built at only 10 pounds, this saw is undoubtedly one of the lightest devices out there and should offer an unbelievable carrying capability whether you’re on a dirt bike or any other transport.

Similar to the DEREAL 62cc Gas Chainsaw, this one too comes with a highly effective auto oiling mechanism. The auto chain lubrication system is here to keep the chain moist at all times, so you don’t find it difficult to cut through the tough wooden elements, smoothening up the work to a certain degree.

It runs on electric power so you will get a completely clean cutting output avoiding emissions.

Moreover, this mini saw is pretty effective at cutting 6-8 inches branches pretty easily. Although, it may not tackle larger trees that easily, as it’s a compactly designed chainsaw.

One issue that you may find slightly frustrating is the tightening of the chains. You may have to tighten up the chains once after 30 minutes of cutting. But its tool-free chain adjustment would make it pretty easy. On the whole, if you want the best chainsaw for a dirt bike this one is something you must consider.


Exceptionally portable design 

Offers maximum control

Clean operation using electric power 

Effective cutting capacity 

Easy to adjust the chains


Can seem to be a bit too light duty 

May need to tighten the chain often

Best Powerfull: WORX WG322 20V PowerShare 10″ Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

WORX WG322 20V PowerShare 10" Cordless Chainsaw

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A cordless chainsaw is like earphones with Bluetooth, but only better. The stakes go high when it’s not just cordless but have an auto-tension too. If you’re someone who craves this quality, then the WORX WG322 20V is the one you’re looking for. To dig out more details, read on.


  • Cordless 20-volt power chainsaw
  • Runs on 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Automatic chain system
  • Chain speed of up to 12.5 square feet
  • Compatible with 20V and 40V tools.

On the sup-par of an expert, the WORX WG322 is indeed a professional tool that can be used by almost anyone. Boosting your cuts with a refined slit, this machine is as fast and powerful for its cordless 20-volt output.

Not to mention, you won’t suffer from a noisy environment as it doesn’t create a ruckus with all that noise.

What makes this chainsaw interesting is its automatic chain tension systems. This feature is a huge souvenir for dirt bikes as the automatic chain tensioner always ensures the correct tension without an error.

Along with that, it also has an automatic lubrication system that helps in minimizing all that thought friction. While running at 3.7 m/s, the system runs smoothly– extending the tool’s life.

Another specialty of this chainsaw is its fast-paced chain speed. By crossing up to 12 ft/s, this beast has the capability to puncture through the toughest of logs or branches. Plus, this tool has an extra layer of protection for its additional bar and sheath added to it.

Moreover, its ultimate battery compatibility lets it run on almost all 20v and 40v Worx tools. Again, this tool is so convenient that you can even use the batteries of lawnmowers and jigsaws. Be it regular lifestyle or outdoor work, this chainsaw will run like butter.

Not to mention, apart from its efficient and smooth cuts, you’ll also enjoy its weight as it’s very lightweight.

Heavily weighted chainsaws usually create bruises and make it less comfortable for the user. But through this chainsaw, you will not suffer from such casualties. Thus, This feature maximizes the user experience and makes work a lot more comfortable.


Compatible battery with all Worx tools

Lightweight and user friendly

No cord entanglement issues

Automatic chain tension system

Fast and clean cuts

An extra layer of protection for the bar and sheath.


Requires charge for the battery

Not suitable for high and tall trees.

Best professional: Worx Nitro WG385 40V Power Share PRO 16″ Cordless Chainsaw

Worx Nitro WG385 40V  16" Cordless Chainsaw

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If you’re looking for a high-end chainsaw that’s not only efficient but also kickstart professional, then the WORX nitro WG385 is the one for you. With its smart built-up, this tool is solely designed to provide users with high power, longer run-time, and a professional-grade experience.


  • Battery-powered cordless chainsaw
  • 16-inch bar and chain high speed
  • Brushless Motor
  • Compatible with Worx tools on 20v and 40V
  • Added chain break guard

There’s a reason why cordless chainsaws are an excellent choice for a dirt bike. They’re low maintenance with a similar performance to an industrial chainsaw.

And if you’re a fan of such types of chainsaws, then the WORX nitro WG385 is going to be your new favorite. With high engineered power, this motor has the capacity of running like the gas-like powered Saws.

The most interesting feature of this product is its efficiency. This brushless motor is so efficient that it can deliver up to 50% longer run time with a 25% power boost and a 10% increased durability– making it very high-efficient for any user. In addition, the easy chain tension system only adds to its convenience.

If you’re thinking about the battery, then you’ll be amazed to know that the WORX nitro  WG385 shares pro-intelligent batteries.

This addition extends the runtimes of the chainsaw and also minimizes the heat impact– giving it more protection. Not to mention, there’s a chain break guard that only adds to your safety.

In addition, this chainsaw is so efficient that it even comes with automatic lubrication that not only makes a hassle-free cut but also increases chain and bar life.


Increased run time and durability. 

Highly-efficient performance 

Convenient and easy chain tension systems.

Heat and compact protection

Increased bar and


Do not have a great battery life

Safety Tips of Using a Chainsaw for a Dirt Bike

While mounting your chainsaw on a dirt bike you must follow some precautionary measures for your own safety. Here are some of the ticks you can use.

Get Specially Designed Chainsaw Mount

The first thing we’d like to mention is the chainsaw mounts for your bike. Try getting a quality saw mount, although it may get a bit difficult to find, you should try hard to get one. Install it to mount the saw properly.

Make Sure the Everything Is Switched Off

Another highly crucial safety measure is ensuring whether everything is switched off or not. If the saw starts running in mid-travel things can get ugly.

So, if you don’t want such events to occur, it’s always better to properly check the power tools before mounting. Further, see if it may get turned on while encountering bumps on the road and wipe out that possibility as well.

Get Lightweight Saw

The extra weight on the saw may make it difficult to carry it on dirt bikes. That’s exactly why we always suggest getting saws that aren’t too heavy and don’t come with extra weight.

It will make riding with a saw unbelievably easy and reduce the possibility of damages from accidental drops on the road.

The Buying Guide of Best Chainsaws For Dirt Bikes

Getting the best chainsaw can get difficult. Finding out the best chainsaw for a dirt bike is another level of challenge. That’s why the following guide will enlighten your perspectives on this issue:

Lightweight Construction

The first and most important element to consider is the weight of the saw. If the chainsaw is light it’d be a breeze to transport them from one place to the next.

While riding a dirt bike, the bouncy movement can weaken your handling if the saw is heavy. Moreover, they’d make your ride difficult even if you’re able to manage the handling.

Compact Design and Portability 

The 2nd most crucial factor you must take into account is the size of the device. Dirt bikes are small and may not have a lot of space on board.

Even if the chainsaw is light, it may get a bit complicated to get them firmly attached to the bike if they’re larger in dimensions.

That’s why we’d suggest you go for the ones that come with a compact design and small dimensions for easy transportation.

Auto-Oiling Mechanism

Now, let’s focus on the performance part. While getting your chainsaw, you must make sure it has the latest automatic chain lubrication mechanisms involved.

The oiling mechanism will frequently spray oils on the chain which will keep it smooth. So, you’d get a buttery smooth cutting capability without getting stuck.

Without oiling, you won’t get cuts as smooth as this.

Determine the Power

This one is highly important for getting chainsaws. If you’re not getting enough power to cut larger and thicker wooden elements, the entire spending would be a complete waste.

So, if you don’t want your investment to end up down the drain, it’d always be better to get a chainsaw that puts out enough power for your tasks.

It’s wise to set your priorities straight before going for a device. If you need to cut thicker wooden elements go for the more powerful options. You can literally go for any saw if you need to cut small branches and similar elements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Safe to Mount a Chainsaw on a Dirt Bike?

If you maintain all the safety checks before mounting it should be safe to get attached to your dirt bike.

How To Mount a Chainsaw on a Dirt Bike?

Get a lightweight chainsaw and use specially designed chainsaw mounts to get them mounted on the dirt bike.

Which Chainsaw Is the Best and Why Is It Considered That Way?

If you’re looking for a chainsaw to carry with your bikes, the WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw would be the ideal option because of its; compact design, lightweight touch, and high efficiency. 

Is a Chainsaw More Powerful Than a Dirt Bike?

Chainsaws can be more powerful than dirt bikes. Dirt bikes usually have around 50cc while chainsaws can often provide more power than that. However, there can be many bikes that are more powerful than some variants of chainsaws and vice versa.

How Do You Carry a Chainsaw on a Dirt Bike?

You can carry a chainsaw on a dirt bike using special chainsaw mounts.

Final Thoughts

We’re at the end of our highly exclusive guide on transportable chainsaws that can be used for dirt bikes.

Throughout the guide, we’ve discussed some high-quality devices that can help you cut the wooden elements you want while being extremely lightweight.

However, it is crucial to focus on the safety factors more than anything else while getting a saw for this purpose.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out the best chainsaw for dirt bike right now and ride without worries everywhere!

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