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5 Best Chainsaw For Farm Use to Do Woodworking Job Properly

Need a top-rated Chainsaw to earn a livelihood? Whether you need the best Chainsaw For Home use or a classy one for the farm, to live with these cutting tools, you need to know how to use them properly to be safe.

As you know, chainsaws are an essential tool for every home or farm. Farmers will require it on a semi-regular basis, if not regularly. Even if it’s not a professional, he will need a Chainsaw just to trim logs to heat up the house in winter.

So, investing in a classy chainsaw is really worth it. Now, if you enter the market, you will come across a huge list of brands & each one of them claims to be the perfect one.

So, you’re going to know the 5 best chainsaws for farm use to ease up your woodworking job in the firm. Let’s get started.

Best Chainsaw for Firm Use for Cutting Wood Perfectly

Choosing the best chainsaw for the farm is certainly not easy. However, we want you to invest in the right & most suitable one right away. That’s why we picked the top chainsaws with details.

So, are you ready to dive in?

Dewalt 20V cordless Chainsaw:

dewalt cordless chainsaw 20v

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Looking for an alternative to a gas-powered chainsaw? If yes, then a 12-inches 20V cordless compact chainsaw can be an excellent option for you. Due to its gas-free operations, maintaining the saw has become super easy. Now you don’t need to worry about fumes, carburetors, or cold starts.

Also, Dewalt 20V battery-powered saw is highly efficient in rough & tough trimming.

Further, this cordless Chainsaw won’t disappoint you whether it’s demolition or construction work. As this unit offers a lightweight design & premium brushless motor technology, workers can attain maximum control along with prolonged runtime and motor life.


  • Dewalt Cordless chainsaw features a 12-inch bar with minimum kickback issues. This unit is super efficient in outdoor jobs like construction & demolition.
  • The unit also features Chain brakes to save the workers from extreme kickbacks.
  • It is a tool of Dewalt’s 20V MAX* system.
  • Due to its ultra-lightweight design (9 lbs), users can enjoy maximum efficiency & control.
  • The modern brushless motor system offers maximum run time, battery life & motor life.
  • A user can make around 90 precise cuts per charge on a 4×4 wood.
  • Bar tightening knob & chain tensioning technology lets users enjoy the ultimate clamping force.
  • Dewalt didn’t include a battery and charger within the package.

What Does The Customer Like?

Dewalt 20V cordless chainsaw is a high-quality, efficient battery-powered chainsaw. If you need the best one, choose Dewalt 20V cordless Chainsaw without a doubt. Trust me, it will offer the same performance as Stihl or Husqvarna at half price. Moreover, this unit is super lightweight & silent as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

The company didn’t offer any felling dogs & guns on either side.

6 inch Cordless Mini Chainsaw with Battery and Charger:

6 inch mini chainsaw

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Whether it’s a farmworker or a house owner, KIMO 6-inches mini chainsaws can be their daily companion to clean their yard. In fact, I will personally recommend it as the Best Chainsaw for Home use.

Due to its 30W Mighty motor, cutting through thick loads of limbs has become a piece of cake. I believe every user out there would love this unit for its superior control, accuracy & high chain speed. So, if you have got your eye on this one, invest without worries right away!


  • The 6-inches mini saw of KIMO is a beast in terms of trimming and Pruning as they have a chain speed of 13.2ft/s. Just put a mild pressure, and that’s all you need to trim a thick limb within minutes.
  • The copper motor is highly efficient & robust.
  • This battery-operated unit is super light. Due to its ease of handling, even beginners can grab its basics in their first attempt.
  • As it’s a compact unit, storing it in a tight space is super convenient.
  • The 20V Li-Ion Battery offers a run time of 30, which is enough to make 40 cuts after charging it completely.
  • By checking out the modern battery indicator, users can keep track of battery levels while working. 
  • The setting, installing, or replacing this unit doesn’t require any accessories or tools. Just follow the user manuals & enjoy the amazing functions of the chainsaw.
  • KIMO has equipped the mini chainsaw with many amazing safety features like – a safe lock-off button, ergonomic rubber grip & 100°rotatable top guard baffle. Due to these features, handling & balancing the saw has become comfier than ever.
  • Users don’t need any accessory arrangements for the maintenance of the saw. With its amazing battery life, the saw can serve for more than 100 hours.
  • The combo pack is equipped with a classy tool body, saw chain, 2.0Ah battery, guide plate & charger.

What Does The Customer Like?

It’s an amazingly small, lightweight chainsaw suitable for day-to-day life usage. If you need an easy-to-handle chainsaw for your home or yard, go with this one without worries. Its efficient motor is capable of cutting through thick woods like a champ.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

The company may need to improve trigger safety a bit.

Milwaukee Battery Powered Chainsaw:

milwaukee battery powered chainsaw

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Looking for an affordable alternative to the Stith gas saw? If yes, then just go and get the Milwaukee chainsaw. It’s a real electric saw which doesn’t require the nasty gasoline.

Its overall trigger control, balance, and usage are superb. As It can cut through hardwoods like butter, we would highly recommend it for individuals who need an average chainsaw for home usage.


  • Milwaukee chainsaw is a highly efficient unit capable of trimming thick hardwoods with ease.
  • The company has equipped it with variable speed triggers for better control.
  • Its auto oiler system can lubricate the chains automatically.
  • The unit is compatible with all M18 batteries. Choose a high-powered battery to enjoy the fastest performance.
  • Due to its efficient motor & superior battery life, the saw can easily perform 150 cuts per charge.

What Does The Customer Like?

Many workers out there love Milwaukee just because it’s a real-time electric chainsaw. Due to its efficiency & ultimate convenience, we considered it as the best chainsaw for farm use.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

It’s mainly suitable for small household jobs. It may not support the users in rough & tough jobs.

Poulan Pro 20cc Gas Chainsaw:

poulan pro 20 chainsaw

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Poulan Pro 20cc. a chainsaw is a powerful tool with high maneuverability & durability. Also, customers have highly appreciated this device for its modern OxyPower engine & low power consumption.

Further, it offers integrated soft start & stops control, maintaining the device is totally like a piece of cake. Now users can enjoy fast & easy access to filters & spark plugs by adjusting the side chains.


  • Poulan Pro 20 Chainsaw functions by the OxyPower engine technology. This technology allows users to perform any task virtually.
  • Though the machine is super efficient & powerful, it can offer 70% less emission along with 20% low fuel consumption.
  • Now maintaining the machine has become more effortless due to its 30% reduced pull force & reduced starter wear-out effects.
  • The tool features integrated rear handles for additional maintenance.
  • The purge bulb ensures easy commencement with minimum risk of damage.
  • It’s a user-friendly chainsaw with high reliability & low chances of engine flooding.

What Does The Customer Like?

It’s a functional chainsaw with high power & efficient motor system. Once you start the device, you will realize how smoothly the saw really trims. Moreover, the Poulan team is super supportive & helpful.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

Some customers had issues in starting the chainsaw.

Poulan Pro 42cc Gas Chainsaw:

poulan pro 42cc chainsaw

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Whenever any customer demands the most efficient & powerful motor, the name ‘Poulan Pro’ pops up in mind. The Poulan Pro 42cc Chainsaw is no exception.

It features a powerful OxyPower engine for trimming hardwood, firewood & trees.

Moreover, its superior air filter system, automatic oiler & low vibrating handles have caught the attention of many users out there.


  • Poulan Pro 42cc Chainsaw features an 18-inches bar with an efficient 2-stroke engine.
  • It’s a functional chainsaw especially suitable for trimming hardwood, firewood, or even trees.
  • The modern OxyPower engine is super efficient in consuming fuels & reducing harmful emissions.
  • An automatic oiler system ensures auto lubrication for minimum wear-out effects.
  • The air filter system promises a prolonged air filter life.
  • The package includes a carrier, 2-stroke oil, scrench along extra chains.

What Does The Customer Like?

Poulan 42cc is a great chainsaw and offers the best results if the tubing & tweaking rules are followed properly. It’s easy to start & effortless to handle. If gas chainsaws are your thing, go for this one right away, as Poulan 42cc was definitely the best gas-powered chainsaw.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

It’s a bit slower than Stith or Husqvarna.

Types of Chainsaws:

Depending on the function and your expertise, there are many chainsaws that are preferable. There are gas-powered and electric-powered chainsaws of different sizes depending on the workload.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws:

Gas Chainsaws are intended for people with a lot of heavy work and expertise. These are usually heavy, and for light work, cutting, bushes, or branches may be overkill.

But for heavier work like cutting oak trees as they are very quick and the guide bar is strong. But be aware of the gasses that it produces, like carbon dioxide.

Electric Powered Chainsaws:

Electric powered chainsaws are of 2 types: corded ones and battery-powered ones.

Corded Electric Chainsaws are for plug-in use, so they limit the distance. They are intended for light use as they are slow and weigh considerably less.

Battery-powered chainsaws, on the other hand, can be as powerful as their gas counterparts and perform their job properly. But they have to be charged after an hour of use in most cases.

What to Check Out to Purchase the Best Chainsaw for Farm Use?


As we mentioned, gas-powered chainsaws and battery chainsaws are intended for heavy use. So, if you are going to cut strong trees like oak wood, they are perfect.

Gas-powered ones will last longer than battery ones. On the other hand, gas chainsaws can be harmful to health as they produce harmful gasses. Corded chainsaws are intended for light use like cleaning gardens and cutting small trees.

These are usually cheaper than other models. But we ideally recommend not to cheap out while purchasing a good chainsaw.

Length of Guide Bar:

The length of the guide bar depends on your workload. You may choose small guide bars for cutting small trees, whereas, for larger trees, you need a larger guide bar.


If you just intend to use a chainsaw for light work, we would recommend using less powerful chainsaws. Also, chainsaws cause more than 20,000 deaths per year. So, be very careful while choosing and using it.

These are some points that you should consider while buying a chainsaw. Remember to use Chainsaws with proper safety measures.

Which Bar Size Will Suit Your Farm the Most?

Preferable Bar Size is a widely argued topic out there. Some farmers prefer short ones as they are handier, whereas others like long ones for their user-friendliness.

In this context, I would suggest purchasing an 18″ bar as it can easily go through thick trunks as well as small branches. If you just need one for general maintenance, purchasing a 16-inch bar will also do the work for you.

How to Operate a Chainsaw?

If there are a bunch of branches & logs in the yard, you just can’t take a Chainsaw & start hacking down. At first, it may seem easy, but chopping down everything will definitely be hard, especially if it’s a first-timer.

Even many professionals face severe injuries for being absent-minded while handling the saw.

That’s why in this segment of our content we have briefly discussed the functions & safety rules of using a Chainsaw.

Safety  Matters Indeed!

Before starting the job, the worker needs to be very conscious about his safety. In order to be 100% safe, he needs proper gears, which includes:

  • A Sturdy Helmet
  • Protection Gloves
  • Goggles.
  • Boots
  • Chaps

The chap you plan to purchase should be made up of redundant materials & should have 6 to 9 layers minimally.

Now, once you are properly dressed up, let’s focus on the general safety tips.

  • Never start trimming with a Chainsaw that is damaged.
  • It is a must to avoid using a gas-powered chainsaw in closed areas to be safe from CO poisoning.
  • Turn off the engines & pull the brakes before setting down the saw.
  • Keep the handles & gloves dry & oil-free.
  • Be away from oily areas while trimming.
  • Never use the unit while being on a ladder.
  • Inspect the area before beginning the job. The area should be car, bystander & telephone cables free for reduced damages.

Now let’s focus on the basics of working with a chainsaw in order to trim loads of logs in the yard.

  • Firstly, ensure a tight grip on the handle. The whole of the thumb & fingers should cover the handle. Keep the left thumb under the front handle to reduce the kickback effects.
  • In order to maintain a better balance, keep the body close to the saw.
  • Keep the feet apart from each to attain the maximum balance during trimming.
  • Stand straight & don’t curve the spine. Instead, it’s better to bend the knees while being in a low position.
  • At Least 3 to 5 meter ground around you should be free from population.
  • The chain brakes should be activated even if it’s a movement of a few steps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Pole Saws Any Good?

Yes, it’s a great tool to have in the firm, especially if you have to cut down the overhanging branches frequently. It is certainly a safer & realistic alternative to ladders.

If you roam in the market, you will come across a wide variety of pole saws with multiple types & sizes. The poles might be telescopic or straight & the chain may measure around 8 to 14 inches.

Poles saws are generally powered by gas, battery, or electricity. Among them, gas ones seem to be handier, unique & versatile.

What Chainsaw Does Professional Loggers Use?

After going through modern farms, we noticed that STIHL Chainsaws are the most popular among professional loggers.

However, many loggers prefer Husqvarna for their power, efficiency & quality. Both of these brands have huge reputations in the market, so you can go with whichever suits you the most.

STIHL Vs. HUSQVARNA, Which Brand Would You Recommend?

While thinking about Chainsaws for contractors & farmers, the names ‘STIHL’ & ‘HUSQVARNA’ will definitely come to mind. Both of these brands are awesome when it comes to quality & warranty.

The choice of chainsaw ultimately depends on personal preference & comfort. So, the recommendations & preferences of different customers also differ in this context. Among these two brands, I personally prefer Husqvarna more. However, STIHL is equally great indeed.

Final Verdict:

While surfing through the Internet, you have certainly come across different types of chainsaws. Choosing the best chainsaw for farm use from that collection must have taken a toll on you.

Among our recommendations, I personally loved Dewalt 20V cordless Chainsaw for its affordability, construction & efficiency.

Feel free to choose any of our recommended items as all of them are pretty durable & convenient to use in their own way. So, have you made your decision on where to invest in?

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