best circular saw under $150 and $75

Best Circular Saw Under $150 And $75 | Save Your Bank Account With These Budget-Friendly Tools

Looking for the best circular saw under $150 and $75? No worries, as we got you covered.

Rest assured, within the preset budget, though it’s very cheap too, these power tools have premium-grade quality and offer a clear cutting line with a powerful motor.

Even though every spec and material isn’t cheap like the price, besides, it requires a small budget but provides long durability and woodworking experience with the top-end blades, motors, and integrated dust blower that you expect to ease up your cut line.

So, why waste time? Let’s look forward to these affordable yet efficient circular saws below and decide the best pick overall.

Best Circular Saw Under $150 to Clear Cut

When you are paying around $150 for a saw, you must want accurate and smooth finishes while woodworking. Saying that we have 4 top saws below to meet your expectations within this price range for big or small projects. Let’s check them out!

Most Versatile- Dewalt 7-¼” Corded Circular Saw

Most Versatile- Dewalt 7-¼" Corded Circular Saw

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First, let’s investigate a wonderful corded circular saw from the world-famous brand, Dewalt. The key specifications of this yellow saw are-


  • Very lightweight as a corded saw
  • Includes an electric brake
  • 57-degree beveling capacity
  • Comes with a smooth aluminum base
  • Powerful 15 amp motor

Actually, we can go on with the list of its salient features. No wonder it makes its place in this list of our top selections.

As the corded circular saws, 8.8 lbs weight is the lightest structure. And being that lightweight, it doesn’t create fatigue for the users.

Next, it includes a ball-bearing lower guard that keeps the saw going even in harsh environments. Also, it comes in handy while making bevel cuts.

And thanks to the widespread beveling capacity, you will get two positive stops at 45-degree and 22.5-degree.

For accurate cuts, a smooth base is an absolute must. And this circular saw comes with a string and sturdy aluminum base. Therefore, it offers a clear and smooth-cutting line.

Moreover, there is an integrated dust blower that cleans up the mess created by sawdust.

Most importantly, the saw includes a 15 amp motor that is very powerful for maximum woodworking projects. You can rely on its performance even for the toughest job.

Also, the 2-9/16″ cutting depth makes the cutting tool even more versatile for a wide range of projects. Besides, the patented tough cord protection system makes it one of the best circular saws for contractors.

However, it would be better if the manufacturers incorporated a safety lock in the saw.


  • Very lightweight to carry
  • The electric brake works great 
  • Super easy blade changing
  • Simple ergonomic design
  • 3 times more durability against cord pull-out


  • The blade wobble runs out
  • No additional safety lock

Best Brushless Motor- Dewalt Atomic 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

Dewalt Atomic 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

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Next comes a battery-powered saw from the same brand, Dewalt. This time it’s the cordless models with a different operating mechanism. Let’s check out its core specifications below.


  • 20V max battery-powered saw
  • A 4-1/2 inch blade with a key storage
  • An electric blade brake for safe operation
  • On-board dust port to control sawdust
  • Cuts 2× material at 90° with the integrated bevel design

When we are talking about the best budget circular saw, we cannot exclude this one that comes with so many conveniences.

First of all, this is a cordless saw, and resultantly, very lightweight with the ultimate carrying opportunity. Being battery-operated, it requires one lithium-ion battery to run properly. The battery life is pretty promising too.

Secondly, the brushless circular saw is a great choice for making versatile cuts with the optimum blade length. Moreover, it comes with a dust port adaptor and a rip fence.

Next, it includes an elongated handle which makes running this saw a breeze. You can have better control while working with this compact wood-crafting tool.

And thanks to the hanging hook, storing the saw is even easier. This is actually a big plus for any cutting saw for added advantage.

Similar to the Dewalt 7-¼” Corded Circular Saw, it has an electric brake too, which stops the blade immediately to prevent any accident. On top of that, the 1-½” finger trigger lets you choke up on the device if required.

And all thanks to the blade key storage, you can change the blade in no time. That actually means you’re getting the powerful circular saw for accurate woodworking.But the only disappointing fact is that the tool doesn’t include the battery and charger. You need to buy it separately. Other than that, it makes a pretty decent purchase as the best circular saw for woodworking.


  • Hassle-free blade changing
  • On-board dust port for better dust control
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • A compact saw with more runtime
  • Compatible with batteries of all the 20V tools


  • Could be better with an led light
  • Doesn’t include any battery or charger

Overall Best- Worx 20V 1.5Ah Cordless Circular Saw

Worx 20V 1.5Ah Cordless Circular Saw

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Thirdly, we have another cordless saw from Worx; the name promises authenticity in power tool production. The key amenities it comes with are stated below.


  • A cordless saw that runs with a specific 20V battery
  • Includes battery and charger
  • 2400 RPM speed for power cutting
  • Includes 3 saw blades
  • Smooth and precision cutting in a single pass

Looking for an irresistible saw that outplays the others? Lucky you, we have got you covered with a prominent cutting saw of all time.

The biggest advantage of this power tool is the inclusion of three different saw blades with adjustable cutting depth. It comes with a TCT blade to cut wood, an HSS blade to cut plastic and soft metal, and one diamond blade for cutting tile. Keep in mind, that you need to measure the blade size to smooth cut with clear.

Can you imagine? All these will be provided for under $150. No wonder it always tops the list of budget-friendly saws with maximum benefits.

Talking of the other advantages, the small circular saw is very lightweight, weighing only 6.2lbs. That’s why it’s a great portable device for any outdoor project.

Furthermore, if you aim at balance and control while running a power-cutting tool, this cordless device won’t disappoint you. The integrated safety trigger is always there to ensure a better grip.

And the lock switch is a special add-on for added safety.

However, as the blade is placed on the left side, you can enjoy maximum comfort while cutting as you can clearly see the cutting line. Despite the positives, we found the handgrip a bit too thick. Otherwise, it’s one of the best cheap circular saws you can have.


  • Great maneuverability
  • Versatile usages with three different blades
  • Comes with both a battery and charger
  • Perfect for professional cuts
  • Inbuilt vacuum adapter for dust collection


  • Lacks the ability to bevel cut 0-45°
  • People will small hands find it difficult to use

Most Powerful- Dewalt Flexvolt Advantage 7-¼” Cordless Circular Saw

Next on the lineup, let’s meet another professional-level cordless tool from Dewalt, that too within your budget. The salients features of this saw are-


  • 5500 RPM cutting speed
  • Includes LED to increase visibility while cutting
  • The rafter hook offers a quick storage solution
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Maximum cutting depth of 2-9/16″ and 2″ at 90° and 45°, respectively

If you are searching for an outstanding circular saw with well-made architecture, look no further. Like any other Dewalt saws, this too leaves no room for complaints offering professional performance in wood crafting.

To start with the amenities, the first point to be noted is the 5500 RPM high cutting speed. All credit goes to the powerful brushless motor that makes the device worthy of faster cuttings.

There is an optional dust port to minimize sawdust. Being compatible with Dewalt’s signature Airlock system, it extracts dust to a notable extent.

Best of all, the saw is blessed with compatibility with Flexvolt batteries. Because of that, it offers 77% more power than any contemporary cordless tool. Also, it can blend in with all Dewalt 20V batteries.

On top of that, a great add-on of this cutting saw is the bright LED light, due to which you can cut accurately even in darker environments. And the electric brake works as a safety key to stop the blade once you release the trigger. However, this tool comes alone without any battery or charger. If that’s an issue then go for the Worx 20V 1.5Ah Cordless Circular Saw, which includes both.


  • Compact brushless tool for toughest woodworking jobs
  • Compatible with Flexvolt technology to offer more power
  • Quick and easy storage
  • Includes a blade changing wrench
  • Positive bevel stops at 22.5° and 45° for accurate bevel cuts


  • You need to reset the saw initially for an uninterrupted performance 
  • Not as long-lasting as expected

Review of the Best Circular Saw Under $75

Probably you are wondering: Can I get a quality saw under $100, even under $75? Yes, you can if you choose the right tool. So, let’s explore the following 3 best circular saws under $75 to prove their efficacies in wood crafting.

Best with a Dust Blower- Skil 15 Amp 7-¼ Inch Corded Circular Saw

Skil 15 Amp 7-¼ Inch Corded Circular Saw

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If you are looking for corded electric saws within budget, then Skil is the first place you should go. Their compact power saws are out-of-the-ordinary with so many premium features. Let’s check out what this particular tool has in store to offer.


  • Powerful 15 Amp corded electric saw
  • 7-¼” carbide tipped blade for versatile use
  • Includes a spindle lock for effortless blade changing
  • 51° bevel capacity for a wide range of cuts
  • Comes with a safety lock to reduce accidental starts

Living up to the promises of the brand, this cordless tool can be a great add-on to your power tool collection. The 7-¼” blade size is efficient enough to cut through a variety of materials with ultimate accuracy.

To add more, you will enjoy the 5300 RPM high cutting speed. As a result, it can cut through the toughest materials with minimum hassle. That’s why we highly recommend it as the best circular saw for concrete.

Best of all, it includes a dust blower that keeps the cutting line visible by reducing sawdust. This is a great advantage for any circular saw out there.

Next, we cannot but praise the safety guard and power-on indicator. These two features let you avoid any accidental starts of the device.

Also, it makes an exceptional circular saw offering a single beam laser guide with the package. Therefore, maintaining straight and accurate cuts becomes a breeze.

However, if you prefer a more lightweight saw, please be informed that it’s a bit heavyweight. Keeping this minor issue aside, this makes a decent deal, though!


  • Increased accuracy with the laser guide
  • Visible cutting line with the integrated dust blower
  • Wide variety of cutting options
  • Hassle-free blade changing
  • 24-tooth carbide blade with a carrying bag


  • The plastic blade guard is somewhat compromising 
  • Sometimes the blade stops working

Best Multipurpose- Galax Pro 20V 4-½” Cordless Saw

Galax Pro 20V 4-½" Cordless Saw

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Undoubtedly, Galax Pro is a reliable power tool manufacturer, and let’s look forward to their 4-½” circular saw below to figure out its key specs.


  • Two 4.5 inches saw blades with ultimate power
  • No-load 3400 RPM speed
  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • Includes a laser guide for parallel cuts
  • A soft rubber handle for better grip and control

If you need a circular saw that can perform equally well while cutting wood, tile, soft metal, drywall, or plastic, then go for this power tool right away.

As this tool is perfect for cross cut, bevel cuts, miter cuts, edging, and framing- this is the most effective tool for all-around performance.

Adding more, you can consider it the best saw for a woman to use as it comes with a soft and rubberized handle. Resultantly, it’s more conveniently usable without getting exhausted.

Whenever you are aiming at parallel cuts with the optimum level of precision, a laser guide is an absolute must to maintain a straight line. On that note, this tool is even more preferable as it comes with a laser indicator to illuminate the cutting line.

What makes the power saw more popular, especially among female users, is the double protection switch. You need not worry about an accidental opening of the saw.

However, don’t push the saw too hard if you want it to last long. Otherwise, it would stop working after a while.


  • Compact and lightweight ergonomics
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Integrated safety trigger adds comfort and control
  • Different saw blades meet different requirements
  • Simple handheld design


  • Could be a bit more powerful
  • Not for heavy-duty use

Best for DIY Projects- Black+Decker 20V Max 5-½” Cordless Circular Saw

Black+Decker 20V Max 5-½" Cordless Circular Saw

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Lastly, let’s meet another power player from Black+Decker; indeed, an exceptional circular saw in terms of so many aspects. What are they? Let’s analyze through the top features below.


  • Versatile 5-½” blade size
  • 20V max air-powered cordless saw
  • Variable speed trigger for enhanced control
  • Pretty lightweight and effortless blade changing
  • Interchangeable battery system

Talking about the prime specifications of this air-powered saw, we cannot but talk about the PowerConnect battery system. That means you can use the same battery for a number of different power tools.

Thanks to the 5-½” saw blade; it fits multiple fast-cutting DIY projects. As a result, the saw easily makes its place in the list of the best circular saw for DIY projects.

On top of that, it includes a pivoting shoe that’s designed to offer additional control.

However, best of all, we always look for a tool-free blade adjustment in any power-cutting tool. In this regard, this very saw outperforms others as you just need to swap the blades.

Similar to the blade changing, it also keeps all the hassles at bay while adjusting the depth. You can adjust the cutting depth quite easily with no extra tool.Despite all the positives, a minor issue might break the deal. The thing is, it’s a bit weak torque-wise. And the battery drains quickly. If you prefer a longer run time, try out the Galax Pro 20V 4-½” Cordless Saw.


  • One battery for multiple tools
  • Comes with both a battery and charger
  • Tool-free depth adjustments
  • Compatible for angle cuts at 45° and 90°
  • Makes the best value for the money


  • For light-duty usage only
  • The battery runs out fast

Brushed or Brushless, Which Motor Is the Best for a Cordless Circular Saw?

If you are on the fence between a brushed and a brushless motor for your cordless saw, then this discussion might help.

Talking of the brushed motor, it is perfect for heavy-duty tasks. As they include carbon brushes and commutators, you can fix them by replacing the broken brushes. And compared to their brushless counterparts, they are more budget-friendly too.

On the contrary, brushless motors are a bit expensive. But they have much more to offer.

Firstly, they are lightweight. So, if your cordless tool has a brushless motor, reasonably, it will be lighter. 

Secondly, brushless motors make less noise while running. And they are more powerful than the brushed ones.

Also, the absence of the carbon brush and other commutators makes the machine last longer. So, obviously, a brushless motor is far better for a cordless saw if you can afford one.

How to Maintain Safety Using Circular Saw

There are some essential safety tips one must know before using a circular saw. Without these proper precautions, you might end up causing serious accidents. Let’s have a quick overview below.

  • Be it a circular saw or any other power tool, always wear proper safety kits such as glasses, helmets, ear protection equipment, hand gloves, etc.
  • Never leave the blade exposed, even when you don’t use the saw. Always keep it secured within the blade guard.
  • Always check the blade before you start to cut. If you find it dull, replace it with a new one.
  • While replacing the blade, never over-tighten the nuts. Keep it flexible enough to cut properly.
  • As most circular saws are designed to be operated with the right hands, you should be more careful if you are lefty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is a Cordless Circular Saw Good for?

A cordless circular saw is a wonderful woodworking power tool that offers smooth and precision cuts in both professional and DIY projects.

Does a Circular Saw Require a Miter Saw?

No, not really. If you have a circular saw, you can handle maximum DIY projects. Of course, a miter saw has its own specific usages.

Jigsaw or Circular Saw, Which Is Better?

Compared to a jigsaw, a circular saw is a better power tool for precision cuts with ultimate power.

Can a Circular Saw Be Used as a Table Saw?

Sometimes, you can use a circular saw instead of a table saw. But that doesn’t mean it can replace a table saw.

Should I Buy a Circular Saw With or Without a Cord?

If you prefer more power, then go for a corded tool. And if you opt for maneuverability, a cordless saw should be your pick.

Can I Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade With a File or a Dremel?

Yes, you can sharpen a circular saw blade with a file or a Dremel.

Why Does a Circular Saw Slow Down or Stop While I’m Cutting?

The most common reason for a circular saw to stop is either a dull blade or an overheated motor.

What Kind of Cuts Can a Circular Saw Make?

A circular saw is a powerful tool that is famous for making smooth and straight cuts while woodworking. It is basically used for rip cuts, miter cuts, and crosscuts.

What Tool Is Best Used to Make Curved Cuts?

Usually, a jigsaw makes the best-curved cuts in wood. But a circular saw can also come in handy.

Is a Table Saw Safer Than a Circular Saw?

No, it isn’t. Generally speaking, a circular saw is way safer than a table saw.

Final Words

Whenever you are going to pick a power tool, a circular saw in particular; you must figure out your requirements first. Countless options in the market will only confuse you.

On that note, we prepared the list of the best circular saw under $150 and $75 to save you from going bankrupt. We hope they can meet your demands both for DIY and professional projects. 
If you need an expert recommendation, we suggest the Worx 20V 1.5Ah Cordless Circular Saw as the race winner here because of its extraordinary cutting power. You can also try the Galax Pro 20V 4-½” Cordless Saw if you prefer multipurpose use with a single power tool. And for safe and secured woodworking, the Dewalt 7-¼” Corded Circular Saw is a great choice with an electric brake.

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