Best Circular Saws With Electric Brake

Five Best Circular Saw With Electric Brake To Make Woodworking A Breeze

Into woodworking for a while?  Then you must have heard about the premium safety feature of a circular saw which is an electric brake. But what does it actually do?

Well, the electric brake stops the saw blade within just two seconds once you release the trigger. On the other hand, a brakeless saw continues to spin the blade for ten to twelve seconds more.

That’s why electric blades are so important nowadays. Otherwise, you can harm yourself while doing a DIY project. In fact, professional woodworkers are also getting used to this amazing safety feature day by day. So, let’s meet the best circular saws with an electric brake below that can save you from a sudden attack from the sharp saw blade.

Best Circular Saw with Electric Brake for Woodworking

With years of experience and hours of experiment, our expert team shortlisted the following 5 circular saws featuring electric brakes as the best options. Want to know why they stand out from others? Then keep on reading.

Best Brushless- Dewalt 20V Max 7-¼”  Circular Saw with Brake

Dewalt 20V Max 7-¼"  Circular Saw with Brake

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The opening spot is occupied by an amazing brushless compact circular saw from Dewalt, the brand always prioritizes clients’ contentment in any of their power tools. Let’s look forward to this particular saw coming with an electric brake.


  • 5500 RPM constant speed under load
  • Powerful brushless motor 
  • 7.25″ blade length with optimum cutting capacity
  • Up to 57 degrees bevel capacity for versatile usage
  • Compact ergonomic design assures more runtime

Basically, these sort of cordless circular saws provides power cuts like a corded one. At the same time, you can enjoy the amenities of a cordless tool such as maneuverability, effortless use, and lightweight construction with sharp blade guards.

But the depth of cut is wonderful compared to other cordless saws. At 90°, you get 2-9/16″ depth. And it offers 330 crosscuts in 2×4. So, the runtime is also satisfying with large cutting capacity.

Aside from the blade-stopping brake, it also includes a blade-changing wrench. So, no more struggle when you need to replace the saw blade.

Weighing only 7.5 lbs, these power saws offer an easy one-handed operation that reduces hand fatigue. Besides, the grip and control are also praiseworthy.

However, you get a 20V max tool only that runs with a lithium-ion battery. So, you need to buy that separately.

But overall, Dewalt circular is a perfect deal, especially for the brushless construction that provides excellent performance to cut maximum depth.


  • Maximum runtime with the brushless motor
  • Excellent cross-cutting depth
  • High cutting speed as a cordless tool
  • Lightweight construction with extreme portability
  • The brake stops the blade instantly


  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • The blade could be better

Most Powerful- Dewalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw with Brake

Dewalt FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw with Brake

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Next comes another premium Dewalt saw featuring the advanced FlexVolt technology. Let’s look deeper into the saw to learn more.


  • 5800 RPM higher cutting speed 
  • Offers two bevel stops at 22.5° and 45°
  • Instantaneous electric brake to stop the blade 
  • Includes an LED for increased visibility 
  • Maintains accurate cutting line with the LED indicator

Similar to the Dewalt 20V Max 7-¼”  Circular Saw with Brake, you get a 7.25″ blade with this cordless saw as well. But featuring the FlexVolt technology, it offers more cutting speed for various wood-crafting jobs.

Most importantly, it is built with a rafter hook. So, you can literally take it anywhere you go and store it conveniently.

Compared to the regular Dewalt saws, this cutting power circular provides 47% more power. Actually, it is the combination of a corded saw’s power and a cordless one’s maneuverability.

After all, the 60V power is no joke, that too for a cordless tool. No wonder it’s one of the most powerful saws of all time.

Besides, it includes a high-quality shoe plate that keeps the worker balanced while running the saw at the time of heavy-duty tasks. And thanks to the super responsive brake, it stops the blade instantly for positive stops.

Nevertheless, please be informed that although the battery is interchangeable, you can only use it to run a 20V Dewalt saw. But you cannot use a 20V battery with this FlexVolt tool. Also, the battery and charger are sold separately.


  • Smooth and fine cutting lines
  • Maintains maximum accuracy while cutting wood
  • Includes LED guide for precise performance 
  • The battery gets recharged very soon
  • Well worth the investment


  • The right-side blade could be an issue
  • Sometimes, it keeps binding in angle cutting

Best for Tight Spaces- Dewalt 7-¼” 15-Amp Corded Circular Saw

Dewalt 7-¼" 15-Amp Corded Circular Saw

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We know this is the third consecutive saw on this list from Dewalt and provides the same power that we mentioned earlier. But what to do when they make the most convenient cutting saws with electric brakes right now!This time, we have a corded circular saw with an electric brake. Let’s check out its key specifications below.


  • Lightweight construction includes a magnesium footplate 
  • 53° bevel cuts with two bevel stops
  • 4800 RPM no-load speed
  • Amazing electric brake with instant response
  • Four inches blade length for optimum cutting depth

If you are looking for a corded cutting saw that balances between power and speed pretty well, you have got your pick. Being architectured with magnesium and aluminum, the two most reliable elements for making dependable power tools, it offers better stability with the shoe plate.

What you will particularly love about this lightweight saw is the extra-wide saw hook. It is facilitated with materials of a maximum of 2-¾”.

Also, it doesn’t take time to stop the blade from spinning once you release the safety trigger.

Another noteworthy feature of this corded device is the commendable cord protection featuring the special TOUGHCORD technology.

Best of all, the saw is a worm drive one. Resultantly, the 15-amp motor parallels the saw blade. Thus, being narrower in profile, it can cut through restricted places as well. However, being a corded tool, it’s a heavier saw compared to the cordless ones. So, if lightweight saws are preferable for you, go for the Galax Pro 12A Corded Circular Saw.


  • The inbuilt electric brake prevents accidental blade spinning
  • High-quality materials make the device durable
  • More stability than other saws due to the magnesium footplate
  • A powerful 15-amp motor
  • Suitable for confined working spaces


  • A bit heavyweight
  • Doesn’t include any wrench holder, you need to carry it separately

Most Affordable- Galax Pro 12A Corded Circular Saw

Galax Pro 12A Corded Circular Saw

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Do you need a full-size circular saw with a laser guide? Then we probably have the best solution for you. Here we will be discussing the 12A Galax Pro cutting saw that has an electric blade as well and is one of the lightest saws having depth accurate cut capacity.

Let’s check out the prime features below.


  • 12A powerful pure copper motor
  • 5500 RPM super effective cutting speed
  • The lightweight structure weighs only 7.1 lbs
  • Comes with a 24-teeth TCT blade to cut through versatile materials
  • Includes a hex nut for easy and quick blade changing

Perhaps, you have already noticed that the description above perfectly suits the requirements of a lightweight circular saw with an electric brake.

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That being said, this reliable circular is a wonderful selection if you are tired of using those heavyweight saws that give you unbearable hand fatigue. And being able to be compatible with a lot of materials, you can cut plastic, tile, metal, wood, and many more with it.

Next, let’s talk about the cutting depth. It offers adjustable cutting depth with bevel adjustment. At 90° bevel cut, the depth is 62mm and at 45°, it is 46mm.

Besides, the saw comes equipped with a laser and a rip guide. If you prefer accuracy in cutting lines, you must go for it right away!

Above all, the 5500 RPM no-load speed is perfect for fast cutting. Also, the double switch controlling feature works wonderfully well similar to an electric brake to prevent accidents.


  • The soft ergonomic handle offers better grip and control
  • Cuts through a versatile range of materials
  • Suitable for the toughest cutting tasks
  • The integrated laser guide delivers a fast and precise cutting experience
  • Features a robust blade guard for added protection


  • The guide goes down after a few cuts
  • The blade teeth are a bit bigger

Overall Best- Dewalt 20V Max 7-¼” Cordless Circular Saw with Brake Kit

Dewalt 20V Max 7-¼" Cordless Circular Saw with Brake Kit

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Lastly, let’s meet an air-powered saw from Dewalt yet again. This time it’s a cordless tool with the full brake kit.


  • Four inches blade with fast cutting ability 
  • 2-9/16″ optimum cutting depth
  • The 7-¼” blade diameter can cut through most of the materials 
  • Fast and effective 5200 RPM speed
  • Up to 57° bevel capacity ensures ease of use

What we liked the most about this compact saw is the 5500 RPM consistent speed, which too under load. This is certainly a great plus for any heavy saws out there.

Another big advantage of getting the saw is the inclusion of a 20V lithium-ion battery and a fast charger. That surely increases the cost but decreases the hassle of buying them separately.

Furthermore, the brushless motor makes the saw work better and last longer.

While ripping sheet goods, you get more runtime than expected. Also, you can use any of Dewalt’s 20V batteries with this particular power tool. What a great opportunity, isn’t it?

Being equipped with the brake kit, you don’t need to put it down after releasing the trigger. Immediately the blade will stop spinning and you will encounter no injuries.

Despite the positives, we cannot but admit that it’s a bit expensive. But once you use the full package, you will find it very cost-effective. Still, if you prefer a more budget-friendly solution, go with the Galax Pro or the FlexVolt one.


  • Compact architecture for better balance and stability
  • Includes both battery and charger
  • Rotates very fast as a cordless saw
  • Maintains straight cutting line at any cost 
  • Very easy to assemble


  • A bit heavyweight with the battery
  • Sometimes you might find the torque inconsistent

The Circular Saw Electric Brake Mechanism

Do you know what distinguishes an extraordinary circular saw from the ordinary ones? The electric brake, of course. More than other safety features, it counts as the life-saving spec for compact saws, especially the heavy-duty ones.

Generally, a cutting saw is powered by electricity and that’s why it runs by one-direction electron flow. But once you release the saw trigger, the direction gets changed.

Now, the electron flow happens in the reverse direction. And therefore, the motor also moves reverse and creates sufficient friction to let the blade stop rotating.

Thus, the saw blade stops spinning before a mechanical brake could stop it.

So, basically, reversing the electron flow by releasing the trigger is the fundamental working mechanism for an electric brake of any power tool.

How Does a Saw’s Electric Brake Work?

Now you might ask, how does an electric brake become such a big advantage for a circular saw? Why are they so fast and instantaneous?

Of course, it happens due to the reverse flow of electrons. And if the blade isn’t stopped that quickly, a lot of things can happen.

If you are using a bulky circular saw without an electric brake, then it can badly hurt your fingers or toes. And those extra ten seconds of blade rotation can cut the saw cord which might make the tool totally useless.

To prevent such occurrences, a circular saw featuring an electric brake completely depends on electricity to stop the blade from spinning within the next two seconds of releasing the trigger.

That’s how it works to reduce the risk of both harming yourself or the wood floor by the rotating saw blade.

Additional Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Circular Saw with Electric Brake

But is an electric brake enough for the premium performance of a saw? Not really. There are some other crucial components you must look for. After all, it will be a hit or miss if you don’t know what makes a circular saw provide you with perfection.

That said, let’s check out the key factors we need to check before making a purchase.


The heavier saws are cutting power tools, right? So, no matter how feature-loaded it is, it should maintain precise cutting in every situation. The accuracy does matter while you are expecting a fine cut without uneven edges.

Cutting Depth

Another crucial factor to consider for an electric brake circular saw is the overall cutting performance. This surely indicates maximum cutting depth for bevel cuts, angle cuts, etc. At first, you need to decide what you need the saw for.

For handling hefty amounts of cutting jobs, the cutting capacity should be more. And for small household tasks, around 5-½” blade diameter is enough.

Corded or Cordless

Now you need to focus on the power source. If you need stable torque, go for corded tools that run as long as you want. But cordless ones are more conveniently carryable anywhere you go. Therefore, they are better for outdoor projects.


Apart from the electric brake, other safety features should be prioritized too. For example, a well-built blade guard will keep the blade secured from accidental opening. Again, the auto lock-off system keeps the saw well-maintained for years.

As a circular saw is a risky power tool, you should try to reduce the risks as much as possible by buying a proper tool with solid ergonomics.

Size and Dimensions

Moreover, a circular saw’s performance largely depends on the dimensions as well. A small compact saw cannot deliver the same level of speed and control as the larger ones.

So, decide on your pick based on the projects you are handling. We included saws of standard dimensions above that can work on both job sites or at home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is the Electric Brake So Important?

Because it stops the blade within two seconds of the trigger release. Otherwise, it will keep rotating for at least 10-12 seconds which can damage the wood floor, cord, your feet, or toes.

How Long Do Electric Saw Blade Brakes Last?

Well, it depends on a lot of things, mostly on the materials. If it’s a good one, it can last up to 120 hours of continuous use.

How Long Does It Take the Circular Saw Blade to Stop Spinning?

Usually, it takes around twelve seconds to stop the saw blade. But the maximum time limit is thirty seconds. Within these thirty seconds, the blade must stop spinning.

Why Is My Circular Saw Burning the Wood?

If your saw is burning the wood, probably it’s time to replace the blade. Because once the blade is overused, its teeth are coated with the pitch which results in smoke.

Should a Circular Saw Smoke When Cutting Wood?

Not really. If the wood is not damp and the saw is totally fine with sharp blades, there’s no reason it would smoke.

Final Words

The electronic brake feature is definitely a blessing for all types of woodworkers, be it professionals or occasional DIYers. Without it, anybody can end up having serious injuries. So, why run the risk of harming yourself?

That’s why you should always look for the best circular saw with an electric brake. However, we combined both cordless and corded tools on this list so that you can choose based on your preferences.

So, have you decided on your pick already? Is it the Dewalt FlexVolt Saw that delivers the most power? Or the 7-¼” Cordless Saw with Brake Kit which is the race winner in this review?

Whatever saw you go with, rest assured that you are going to have a good time with it.

Happy woodworking!

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