Can I use motor oil for Chainsaw

Can I use motor oil for Chainsaw?

As a beginner in woodworking, it is a common question: Can I use motor oil for chainsaws? Generally, a chainsaw has to take enough pressure to cut versatile wood. So, it is mandatory to apply oil into chainsaws to improve cutting efficiency and performance. But every manufacturer recommends specific oil or lubricant for chainsaws.

Beginner and professional woodworker and craftsman required to use a chainsaw for the regular woodcutting. So, the woodworker needs to know what kind of oil is good for Chainsaw and what kind of oil is harmful.

Here, we have talked about the best-recommended oil for a chainsaw and the alternative oil for a chainsaw. So, let’s begin to read.

Can I use motor oil for Chainsaw?

Can I use used motor oil in my chainsaw? “a chainsaw user can use motor oil for chain lubrication, but it is not recommended to use recycled oil.

Good to know that recycled motor oil can easily burn up the chain and bar. Although motor oil can save user expense, it gradually damages the chain.”

What Can I Use for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

Each chainsaw manufacturer recommends standard oil for a chain bar that can prolong a chainsaw chain and bar.

However, there has some commonly recommended oil for Chainsaw. You can check out the user manual to get the oil recommendations.

  • Poulan Pro 952030204 chain oil
  • STIHL 2.6 Ounce standard oil
  • Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw bar oil
  • Max power 337045 Chain Oil

Since a chainsaw needs to run smoothly, it requires proper lubrication with a special quality. A chainsaw chain should be sticky enough because it rotates fast around the bar. If the bar chain is not sticky, the oil can fly up soon because of the friction. Besides, too much heat also damages the chain bar.

Moreover, the chainsaw has a special slickness for a certain period. This slickness retains the motion of the chain saw bar. So, try to use a standard and universal oil for the Chainsaw as per the user manual recommendation. The Oregon 54-059 is the best option for universal chainsaw oil.

Alternatives oil of chainsaw bar oil

Manufacturing brand recommended oil is good to use for chainsaw bar. But sometimes, alternative oil may require use in an emergency where users won’t find standard oil. Here is a list of some alternative oil.

Motor oil:

Motor oil can be a good alternative when it is important to use oil for Chainsaw, but there is no source of the recommended oil. It is one of the affordable and easily available oils for Chainsaw. However, motor oil has some downsides.

For example, it is not environment-friendly. In other words, the microscopic droplets will fly up and mix with the environment. Moreover, motor oil is harmful to live trees wood cutting.

There has a good solution for the user when they badly need to use motor oil. It is good to use motor oil after filtration. Remember to use instant hot oil from the car engine because it helps better filtration. Also, note that motor oil should be an alternative as the last way.

Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil is another inexpensive alternative oil for chainsaw chains and bars. However, it is also allowing for emergency requirements but has some advantages. First of all, vegetable oil is affordable and environment-friendly. Besides, this oil is light and easier to remove from clothes. Moreover, vegetable oil is good for pruning live trees because it doesn’t hit trees like motor oil. However, this oil has one downside it becomes viscous in cold weather and unsuitable for use.

Canola Oil:

Canola oil is made from rapeseed, and it is convenient as like vegetable oil. It is affordable, easy to find, environment-friendly, and good for live trees. Do note that canola oil is lighter than vegetable oil. And this oil is also unsuitable to use in cold weather.

Drained Hydraulic Fluid:

Hydraulic oil works like motor oil, and it should be an alternative when there has nothing else. Do note that this oil has a lot of bad impacts on the environment. Besides, a user needs to use a lot of hydraulic oil because it tends to quick drying.

Can I Use 5w30 For a Chainsaw Bar?

A woodworker can use 5w30 because it works like a 10w30 oil. Even though 5w30 is thinner oil and has low-viscosity SAE5 weight, it can’t cling to the chain in summer weather.

Besides, this oil flies up quickly, so the user needs to use it more than other oil. Moreover, this oil can emit toxic fumes. So, the good practice is to avoid this oil. But remember that it is not a permanent solution for a chainsaw bar.

Pro Tips for Using Alternative Oil in Chainsaw

It is important to know that chainsaw oil and fuel tank are always finished simultaneously. So, the user needs to fill up both fuel and lubricant together. In this case, the recommended oil can run in the same rhythm as the fuel while maintaining balance. And remember that alternative oil can easily vanish before the fuel vanishes. That is why the user needs to be concerned about the amount of alternative oil according to the tank fuel.

So, carefully observe the alternative oil and tank fuel after the first-time refilling. It will allow you to understand as soon as the oil runs out and refill again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you Use Regular Motor Oil in a Chainsaw?

A user can use motor oil as a last way when there are no other options. You can use regular motor oil in a chainsaw, but it is not recommended. But it is good to use motor oil after filtration.

Otherwise, this oil can damage the chain bar, and it would be harmful to the environment and live trees pruning.

Can I Use 10w30 for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

You can use 10w30 for chainsaw bar oil, but it is not ideal for chainsaw bar and chain. This oil is messy and harmful for smaller grass on lawns.

The existing user said that 10w30 is recycled oil that is ineffective in operating a chainsaw bar, but it still works a bit. So, the best recommendation is to use protective gear for the chainsaw bar.

What Can I Use if I don’t have Chainsaw Bar Oil?

Although alternative oil is not recommended for chainsaw bars, users can use the below alternative when they have nothing else to use for Chainsaw.

  • Vegetable Oil (environment-friendly)
  • Canola Oil (affordable and safest)
  • Motor Oil (affordable but not environment-friendly)
  • Hydraulic Fluid (similar to motor oil)
  • Drained Motor Oil
  • Drained Hydraulic Fluids

Can Engine Oil be Used as Chain lube?

Many often asked that “can I use motor oil in my chainsaw? Motor oil or engine oil is full of microscopic droplets that are harmful to live trees, chainsaw bars, and the environment. That is why it is said that properly filter the engine oil before using it and remember to use instant hot engine oil.

As a result, you can reduce environmental pollution. But, if possible, then try not to use engine oil for chain lube.

Final Words:

We believe you have got the answer to the question, “can I use motor oil for chainsaw” Motor oil is an alternative oil for chainsaw bar but not the ultimate solution. If a user wants to keep the chainsaw bar long-lasting, it is good not to use motor oil for regular work. Motor oil is only allowed when there will have no other way to run a chainsaw.

Also, note that you take hot oil from the vehicle engine and filter it before using it whenever you use it.

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