How to Clean Chainsaw Chain

How to Clean Chainsaw Chain: 7 Steps to Follow

A chain saw is a powerful tool that must be maintained appropriately to ensure optimal results. One of the essential parts of this maintenance process is cleaning the chain, something that some owners neglect to do on a regular basis.

A dirty saw will cause kickback, but the chain will not cut as efficiently as it should, resulting in a reduced lifespan. In addition, as you cut through wood, the chainsaw will pick up sap and resin, as well as dust and lubricant. Therefore, if you want your saw to perform at its best, you need to commit to cleaning it every time.

However, several chainsaw owners say cleaning the chain can increase your saw’s lifespan and performance. Follow these tips to make your chain saw work as efficiently as possible.

Safety Tips: What Is the Best Way to Clean a Chainsaw?

You want to be safe when you clean your chainsaw, right? So make sure that it’s not plugged in nor has gas before you start. Then, follow these steps:

7 Best Steps How Do You Clean a Dirty Chainsaw Chain

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, rusty chainsaw chain. It doesn’t spin freely, and it’s hellishly hard to push through the cut. Not to mention, it’s dangerous. If you ever find yourself in the position of needing to clean your chainsaw chain, try this guide out. I promise you’ll have your machine howling again in no time!

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Step 1 – Firstly, You Need to Secure the Chainsaw

To clean and renew your chainsaw, disconnect it from the power. Then, place the chainsaw on top of the cleaning solution for 15 minutes on a flat surface, and make sure it has plenty of room to breathe.

Step 2 – How Do You Take a Chain Off a Chainsaw

  • To loosen the chain, turn the knob that controls the slack of the chainsaw’s chain counterclockwise.
  • After loosening the chain, place it to the side and take off the guide bar cover.
  • The guide bar should be cleaned thoroughly with a product designed for the task and an air compressor.

Step 3: Soak You Chain: Should I Soak the Chainsaw Chain

You need to soak the chain in a mixture of water and ammonia for 20 minutes to loosen the debris. Do this in an area with good ventilation due to the ammonia fumes. Add 250 ml container of ammonia to 5 liters of water for your cleaning solution. Wear safety goggles, and don’t let the solution touch your skin or eyes during this step.

Step 4: What Can I Use to Clean My Chainsaw Chain

After the chain has been soaked, use a wire brush with bristles to clean it. That will remove dirt and grease that would otherwise accumulate on the chain.

Step 5: Rinse the Chain Thoroughly

The ammonia will come off the chain, but not if it’s still wet. The best way to rinse the chain is using your garden hose. Make sure to dry the chainsaw chain and add a little elbow grease while you’re at it. Finally, give your chain some time to air dry thoroughly.

Step 6: Can You Use Any Bar and Chain Oil to Lubricate a Chainsaw Chain

To start this step, fill a container with oil. Then dip the chainsaw’s chain into the container for a few seconds, and let it drip off. Make sure you cover the area with a rag to capture any drips. The well-lubricated oil chain will help extend the life and function of your chainsaw, and in turn, save you money in the long run.

Step 7: How Do You Put a Chain Back on Track

To reattach your chainsaw chain, first, remove the black screw on the blade grinder side of your chainsaw. Next, insert the chain back through the guide bar hole, and tighten your chain by turning the knob.

What Maintenance Should Be Done to a Chainsaw?

Here are some steps you should follow to keep your chainsaw in excellent condition.

Tighten Loose Parts of Chainsaw:

You should always make sure that your chainsaw is secure before starting to use it. Make sure you tighten loose screws before use, check for loose parts attached and tighten them if needed.

Be aware of the safety features of your chainsaw:

Three things to check for when you’re using your chainsaw: 

1) Your chain brake should be clean and not worn down; 

2) The chain catcher should be undamaged and catch any chains that come off; and 

3) The throttle trigger lock should work. If any safety features are damaged, you should repair or replace them immediately.

Check Your Chainsaw Rotate Bar Regularly:

It’s essential to clean and lubricate your chainsaw before and after use. By taking the time to maintain the device, it will prevent damage to the chain and bar, as well as reduce friction.

Check Your Filter Regularly: How Do You Check a Filter

If you are going to use your chainsaw, make sure the compressed air filter is clean. If it’s dirty, wash it with soap and water. Let it dry before you replace it. A dirty filter doesn’t do anything good for the saw if it gets too dirty. If the filter is filthy, you should replace it before using your chainsaw.


After a chainsaw has been used for a while, it gets dirty. If you clean your chainsaw both inside and out, your chainsaw will run more smoothly and give you better control when cutting wood. But if you have tried to clean it and it still doesn’t work the way you need, then it is time to change your chainsaw. When you’re looking for a new chainsaw, you have many options. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw is a good option. The more you know about all the available chainsaws, the better equipped you’ll be to purchase one when the time comes.

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