How to Tighten Chainsaw Chain

How to Tighten Chainsaw Chain: 6 Simple Guides to Follow.

A chainsaw chain needs tightening, and you can do it yourself. However, if your chainsaw chain is loose, it will vibrate while in use, and this could make the chain snap. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to tighten your chainsaw chain correctly to extend its life and make it more efficient.

What do you do when your chainsaw chain becomes loose? Chainsaws need regular maintenance; this article will help you tension a chainsaw chain in under a minute. A chainsaw chain will stretch and become too loose during regular operation, and this can lead to the chain easily sliding off the bar and posing a danger for the user. Follow these simple steps to tighten your chain in just one minute.

Proper Chainsaw Chain Tension Tips

Let’s talk about tension for a minute. It’s an integral part of the chainsaw, and it should be maintained to avoid injury.

What is Good Tension?

There are two factors you should check when determining if your chainsaw chain needs to be adjusted. First, does the chain seem too loose or tight? Secondly, can you take the drive links out of the bar nose? The chain should be just a little loose on the bar, but not too loose to the point where the drive links fall off.

If either of these is not valid, then your chainsaw chain needs to be tightened. You can check this by pulling the chain away from the guide bar. If the drive links stay engaged, the tension is correct. However, if they come out of the guide bar nose, adjust the tension accordingly.

What is Bad Tension?

It would be best if you tightened the chainsaw chains to avoid the guide bar from sliding around. Chains must be tight, or they’ll fall off. However, it’s important not to tighten them too much to avoid breaking the chain.

There should be a few inches of play in the chain, just not enough for the drive links to leave the guide bar.

Step by Step Guide: How to Tighten Chainsaw Chain

This guide will show you how to tighten your chainsaw chain and take you through everything you need to do to ensure that your chainsaw is as safe as possible. I strongly suggest that you read the entire guide before you begin working on your chainsaw so that you can ensure you have all of the correct equipment and tools.

Step 1:

The tension adjustment points are found on the side of chainsaws or front. These two places are common areas, but some chains will have them on the back of the machine.

There are two places you can find the tension adjustment on your chainsaw: one is on the side of the saw, and the other is in the front.

Step 2:

Chainsaw adjustment bolts are on the sideways of the chainsaw’s guide bar. Turn the screw to the right and repeat on both sides until you reach the desired tightness to tighten the chain. If the chain is too loose and causes an issue, loosen it by turning the screw to the left. Double-check that the chain is at the proper tension before continuing use.

Step 3:

To tighten the tension on the chainsaw scrench, you must use a tensioning pin. A screw attaches this pin to the bar for adjustability. Reach up and hold the nose of the bar with one hand while adjusting the tension with the other (do not let go of the bar until you’ve tightened the mounting bolt).

The tensioner should be set at 3/4 turn for a sprocket-nose guide bar. As you tighten it, the bottoms of the cutters will come up and tightly grip the bottom of the rail. A sprocket-nose guide bar needs more tension than a solid-nose guide bar.

Step 4:

When you increase the tension on the chain, make sure to monitor the space between the underside of the guide bar and the slack chain. Increase the tension until this space is removed. If you do it correctly, the drive links will be fully seated into the bar’s groove, and all of the tie-straps will make light contact with the bar.

Step 5:

Hold the chainsaw with a gloved hand and pull the chain away from the engine towards the guide bar nose. It should feel snug but still can move freely.

Step 6:

Make sure the chain is in good working order by performing a snap test. Pull the chain on the underside of the guide bar down, so one or two drive links are out of the guide bar rails, and release it. The chain should snap back into place immediately.

Some Common Asked Questions about How You Can Tighten Chainsaw Chain (FAQ)

How Often Should You Tighten Chainsaw Chains?

You should check the chain’s tightness every time you fill up with gas or more often if needed. It would help if you tightened new chains more often until they stretch out. You can take care of this by loosening the nuts, moving the tensioner, and getting the chain properly tight. Once it is set correctly, rotate the chain a quarter turn around the bar to recheck it.

How Do I Stop My Chainsaw Chain From Stretching?

Unfortunately, chainsaws stretch over time. This makes it essential to check the tension before every use because if the chain is too loose, it can break and damage your saw. In addition, it is advisable to check the chain before cutting because it will stretch during the break-in period and at the end of its life due to general wear and tear.

Is It Worth Sharpening a Chainsaw Chain?

As chainsaws chew through thick pieces of wood, they will get dull. This will make the toolless effective, and you will have to work harder to control it. Regular sharpening will keep your chainsaw in excellent condition, making it easier to use.

Final Words:

While a chainsaw can be a valuable tool to have around, it can also be a danger if not handled properly. For example, an improperly tightened chain can lead to kickback which then leads to many accidents.

A chainsaw chain comes with a certain amount of stretch. You’ll need to know how to tighten chainsaw chains. If you’ve ever used a chainsaw, you know that one of the most critical safety items is the protective chaps. But with chainsaws, chaps alone aren’t enough. You must have hearing protection. It would help if you had eye protection with goggles or glasses designed for this purpose. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, I will answer your question within 48 hours.

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