How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

The best way to unkink or untangle a chainsaw chain is to turn off the chainsaw and disconnect the spark plug. It’s essential to follow this instruction as we do not want to cause an accident by leaving the chainsaw on, and secondly, we need to give the tool a chance to cool down, so we don’t burn our hands.

This guide will show you the easiest and fastest way to unkink old chains. Have you ever noticed that the chain doesn’t want to go into gear when trying to start your chainsaw? If you find that your chain is “kinked” or tangled, then you may need to use this process to get started.

It doesn’t matter how complicated it looks, and you can untangle a chainsaw chain. You’ll need to do it in repeated steps. You can do that without tools, but if the chain is tangled, you might need a screwdriver or a set of Allen wrenches.

Place the chain on an even surface.

To remove any kinks in your chain, you’ll need a surface that won’t collapse when you touch it in the vertical position. Avoiding delicate surfaces, such as ones made of glass or tile, is essential. These surfaces will scratch the surface of your saw. You should detach the saw from the chain before beginning this process.

Lubricating the chainsaw chain

Dirty chains can make it difficult for chainsaws to perform correctly. If dirt or debris is caught in the chain, it might have been what led to the tangle in the first place. In other cases, an older chainsaw might need a little bar and chain oil to move smoothly. Although, to loosen up the tangle, add lubricating oil to the chain; if the knot is small enough, it will come undone, and you won’t need these steps.

When chainsaws get tangled, you must keep them lubricated to make sure they work properly. The process can be much easier when using lubrication, but you don’t have to use it. However, a well-lubricated chain will make the process go much more smoothly and increase the success rate.

Use two opposite loops correctly—you might be wondering how to make a knot with a chain. Well, the first thing is to find two loops on opposite sides of the chain. Next, cross them together and hold them in each hand. Then, look for space in between the loops and make your loop about 3 inches in width.

Cut the loops, so they are about three inches long and form a larger circle below. Now hold onto the chain loops in your hands, and raise the lowest part of the chain. Chainsaws are stiff, so be careful to raise them. You’re looking to make two smaller loops and one longer one.

Raise the chain

Let’s get started. Take the short loop and push it through the larger loop. Now, take the long loop and hold it straight to the sky. Let the other one hang down straight. When they are even, lift the long one higher so you can measure it.

To undo a tangled chain, you’ll need two things: patience and a sense of humor. Start by making a small loop in the chain. Then, straighten out the untangle chainsaw chain and put the smaller loops through the large loops. Once the chain slips through, it will start to separate itself. You can also make a loop at the bottom of the chain, which will cause the two larger loops to go down lower.

Repeat the Technique Again

If it’s not working after the first try, you can make a second attempt as long as it’s not too tangled. Circular chains need circular techniques. The looping system will eventually be restored to its original form, and the chainsaw will work as intended.

I know it might sound a little complicated at first, but trust me, once you get a hold of the chain and start untangling, it will work for you! To see how to do it, check out the video on youtube. It shows you step by step how to do it.

Safety Precautions

Safety first. A chainsaw is a hazardous tool, so many safety precautions need to be taken. Make sure to put on a pair of safety goggles and chainsaw gloves to protect your eyes and hands from the saw. You can use leather gloves to stay protected from sharp edges. When you’re using it, make sure not to turn or twist the chainsaw because this can damage it.

The dirt and dust can gunk up the chainsaw blade. If any dirt or dust gets into any chainsaw model, it may cause problems.

One of the most important ways to maintain a bike is by oiling the chain. Choose carefully when buying lubricating oil. You can do this before beginning or after cleaning off any dirt or debris, but always before using. Old chains, which are still usable but probably need more care, should be untangled and then sharpened with a sharpener. It’s always best to consult reviews before buying, online or in-person. What is the secret to untangling chainsaw chains?

First, you need to find the tangle.

Next, start by loosening the tangle by moving the dangling chain in the same direction as it is tangled. When you find the end of the chain, use your pliers to gently pull on it and guide it through the tangled saw chain area.

Final Words:

Whether you’re cutting firewood for your fireplace or just need to clear some brush, knowing how to take care of your chainsaws properly will only save you time and money. If you take care of your chainsaws, they will take care of you. But can you really figure out how to unkink a chainsaw chain by yourself? If you own a chainsaw and cut firewood, you know that sooner or later, your chainsaw chain will need to be replaced. With regular use, chainsaw chains become worn, and eventually, they will break. The metal links in the chain will start to stick together, and the chain will become kinked or twisted. You can replace the entire chain, but most people reuse the bar and chain by removing the kinks and twists from the chain.

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