How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener

How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener?

Is your electric chainsaw delivering disappointing wood cuttings? Does it seem impossible to drive the saw without excessive pressure? If yes, then your chainsaw badly needs to be sharpened.

There are three types of electric chainsaw owners -those who use their saw heavily, those who utilize their saw moderately, and those who rarely use their saw. No matter how much the workload is, anyone should own an electric chainsaw sharpener. It will save them from the hassles of visiting a shop and spending bucks unnecessarily. Also, having an electric sharpener at home will help have nice woodcutting anywhere and anytime.

If you own an electric chainsaw sharpener, it is common to think about using it. Don’t worry; here is a step-by-step guide on how to use an electric chainsaw sharpener to help out in this matter.

Step 1: Measure the Pitch and Gauge.

Measuring the pitch and gauge of the chainsaw blade is the first and foremost task for sharpening it. Without proper and accurate measurements, the sharpening of the saw blade could go wrong. You may end up buying the wrong-sized chainsaw sharpener stone.

To avoid a messed-up sharpening process, look at the manufacturing box in which the chainsaw came. Manufacturers, in general, provide necessary specifications in the box or user manual. If the box or manual shows nothing, contact the manufacturer or browse the internet for the specifications of the purchased saw blade.

Step 2 – Position the Electric Sharpener on a Solid Ground

If the electric sharpener moves during the operation, it will damage both the saw chain and blade. Additionally, installation of the blade will be difficult. Therefore, position the electric sharpener on solid ground. Some electric chainsaw sharpeners require a vise held firmly on a workbench. So, purchase such a sharpener and work continuously without the worry of the blade or sharpener getting slipped away.

Step 3 – Install the Sharpening Stone With the Right Width

Selecting a sharpening stone with proper width is a crucial factor in how to use a chainsaw sharpener process. Select a stone that matches the cutting tooth specifications among various available sharpening stones. The ideal width of a sharpening stone is 3/16 inches, fitting well between the gap of blade teeth.

Step 4: Adjust the Angle of the Swivel and Blade Tooth

The next step after the stone installation is the adjustment of the angles of the swivel and blade tooth. First, place the chainsaw blade in the sharpener holder.  And adjust the swivel angle between 0° to 60° (or up to 80° if necessary). To adjust the blade tooth angle, locate the knob in the blade holder of the chainsaw sharpener. Then loosen it either in the positive or negative direction to have an accurate setting.

Step 5: Adjust the Depth to Prevent Loss

Adjust the depth stop of the grinder wheel of the saw sharpener to prevent losses from occurring. Improper depth adjustment will lead the grinder to cut metal between the blade teeth. Consequently, the blade will overheat as well as be entirely damaged.

Step 6: Prepare to Sharpen the Chainsaw Chain

After the initial adjustments, prepare to sharpen the chainsaw chain. Before sharpening, take a dark marker, mark the first tooth’s cutting surface. Doing this will help you to know the starting point of grinding. Also, the marking will indicate the amount of cutting surface required to be ground. Keep marking before grinding each blade tooth. Additionally, it will be clear to know how many teeth have been sharpened and how many are left.

Step 7: Start Grinding the Saw Blade

After marking the first blade tooth, slowly lower the grinder wheel to sharpen it. When the grinder wheel meets the tooth, a little number of sparks will emerge. Grind the tooth for a few seconds, probably for 10-15 seconds. Remove the wheel and check if the tooth’s inner surface shows a shiny metallic appearance. If not, sharpen it for a few more seconds. Remember, you must sharpen only one side of the tooth.

Repeat the process for each tooth. However, a little change is needed for the grinding angle. If the first tooth was ground at positive 20 degrees, change the angle to negative 20 degrees for the next tooth. Follow the same procedure for each tooth. Otherwise, forgotten readjustment of the electric chainsaw sharpener angles will damage the chain. 

Step 8 – Advanced Care of the Chainsaw Blade

To ensure the prolonged work life of the chainsaw blade, the user needs to take advanced care of it. Electric chainsaw sharpeners are easy to use, and they sharpen blades better than manual chainsaw sharpeners. But it would be perfect if someone used a chainsaw file for the saw chain during the sharpening process.

Correct usage of a chainsaw file while grinding each blade will guarantee more sharpness and convenient saw cutting. Just make sure to hold the file horizontally and vertically while filing blade teeth. And make sure to pick the correct size file for the chain. Carry the file when you are in the woods to condition the cutting teeth in the middle of work.

While cutting woods, a user may accidentally hit a rock or nail, leading to having a dull chain. To prevent saw chain damage, always carry a second chain. If the chain stops performing, they can easily swap the dull chain out and reinstall the secondary one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Angle Do I Set My Chainsaw Sharpener?

The ideal sharpening angle should be within 25° and 35° for all general wood. Remember that a greater sharpening angle is required for harder wood and smaller sharpening is enough for softer wood. You can use a sharpening grid and filling gauge to get the perfect sharpening angle for your wood.

2. What Angle Do You Sharpen a Chainsaw With an Electric Sharpener?

First of all, place the sharpening blade into the chainsaw sharpener holder. After then set up and adjust the needed angle as per the requirement. The general angle for an electric sharpener is about 0 to 60 degrees. However, this angle could increase up to80 digresses in some cases.

3. Does Electric Chain Saw Sharpeners Work?

Yes, an electric chainsaw sharpener works great for beginners and professional users. Even an electric chainsaw sharpener offers height adjustment on the sharpening gauge. Moreover, it helps fill the chain saw teeth and maintain the precise cut.

4. How Do I Use a Chainsaw Sharpening Tool?

It is important to follow simple eight steps to use a chainsaw sharpening tool

  • Measure the pitch and gauge
  • Position the electric sharpener on a solid ground
  • Install the sharpening stone with the right width
  • Adjust the angle of swivel and blade tooth
  • Adjust the depth to prevent loss
  • Prepare to sharpen the chainsaw chain
  • Start grinding the saw blade
  • Advanced care of the chainsaw blade

Final Verdict:

Sharpening a chainsaw chain with an electric chain sharpener is a careful process, nothing harder than that. Follow this how-to use an electric chainsaw sharpener guide thoroughly and do not miss a step. Eventually, you will experience progressive projects and fewer visits to a professional chainsaw sharpener to take care of an electric chainsaw. Search a bit to find out the best electric chainsaw sharpener for a chainsaw. Last but not the least, always wear protective equipment before sharpening the blades, since sparks and noise can cause physical issues.

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