Best Circular Saw Blade for Pressure Treated Wood

5 Best Circular Saw Blade for Pressure Treated Wood – For Smooth Cuts

If you’re needing to work with the hard and tough pressure-treated woods, you’re not alone. Here we’ll provide you with some of the best circular saw blade for pressure treated wood, so your chores get a lot easier to deal with.

Unlike regular lumber, the pressure-treated woods go through a process of extensive modification and strength-enhancing techniques.

As a result, they end up pretty tough and difficult to deal with using regular saw blades.

This is why, we’re going to discuss some specially designed saw blades that can hold out against these, much muscular lumber options.

Let’s not waste more time and get straight into the guide!

Best Circular Saw Blade for Pressure Treated Wood for RIP cuts

Well, we’ve researched and selected some premium circular saw blades you can use for the job. Right now, we’ll detail each of their features and possible flaws so you get a better understanding and make a wise decision based on the knowledge

Freud Thin Kerf Combination Blade

Freud Thin Kerf Combination Blade

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First, we’re going to talk about a quality option by Dewalt. As you may already know, Freud is far one of the best manufacturers of saw blades out there right now. So this one too should surely be a trustworthy item to go for. Let’s find out more about it!


  • Smoother finishing
  • Thin kerf design
  • Energy efficient design
  • Perna shield technology
  • Better finish capability

When talking about ripping blades the first thing that pops up in your mind is ‘what is the material?’. And that’s pretty simple and logical for anyone to ask, as the base material is going to determine the strength and make sure whether it would withstand any tough wooden elements.

Well, good for you, because this incredibly tough ripping blade is made using carbide. This high-density carbide blade would surely offer a solid performance against pressure-treated woods and other wooden particles as well. The combination blades with circular saws offer accurate cut wood to be hassle-free in woodworking.

The added sharpness coupled with the carbide construction would make your cuts a lot less time-consuming than you previously thought.

On top of everything, this multi-purpose blade comes with advanced laser-cut anti-vibration technology. As a result, you’d notice significantly reduced vibration and shaking while making the cuts.

This incredible feature would increase the level of precision to a certain extent as well.

Moreover, you’d also get a smoother finish and better-looking wooden structures on the whole.

Well, this one may not be as thin as you wanted, which can make the operation a bit difficult. But, all in all, it’s a pretty stunning blade for cutting wood by Freud and you can go for it anytime!


  • Incredibly strong carbide blade for withstanding tough pressure-treated wood
  • Highly versatile operation capability
  • Offers faster cutting
  • Provides excellent precession


  • It May seem a bit too thick

IRWIN 7-1/4-in. Metal Cutting Circular Saw

IRWIN 7-1/4-in. Metal Cutting Circular Saw

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At the 2nd spot, we have another quality saw blade to do an excellent job, this time by IRWIN. If you’ve been looking for a blade that can metal and wood at the same time, then his highly versatile blade is something you should equip yourself with.


  • Easy framing operations
  • Drywall capabilities
  • Added Carbide tips for strength
  • Precision enhanced design
  • Reduced spark and dust
  • Fast and clean cuts

The first thing that we’d like to highlight about this one is its ultimate versatility. Being tremendously strong, this beast can cut through almost anything, from metal to wooden, and even burn wood materials it can tackle anything you give it.

One of the best things about this particular blade is it comes with anti-vibration properties involved, much like the Freud Thin Kerf Combination Blade. As a result of having this specialized technology, you’d get a steadier cutting experience with an ultra-fine finish, which is pretty rare while cutting through pressure-treated woods.

On top of that, the steady controls would offer a more refined and accurate wooden design to appear. 

Plus, it also has an anti-kickback tooth, which makes sawing a whole lot easier altogether for a more convenient operation.

Despite the tons of positives present in the blade, the increased wear may still make it problematic. Yet, the blade offers a superbly effective operation capability no matter what and should certainly be a must-pick for anyone who wants unbelievable woodworking performance.


  • Highly versatile blade for a clean cut
  • Exceptionally effective anti-shake design
  • Reduced kickback for convenient operation
  • Better design output due to steady control
  • The fast cutting process to save your time


  • May wear slightly faster

DEWALT Circular Saw Blade

DEWALT Circular Saw Blade

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If there is one name that you can go for without any hesitation while going for a saw blade then that has to be Dewalt. Offering unparalleled power tool manufacturing, Dewalt is surely one of the best saw blades you can go for.


  • Cross-cutting capabilities
  • Vibration reduction quality
  • Longer shelf life
  • Reinforced shoulder design
  • Versatile corded/cordless application
  • Smoother cuts for accuracy

Here too, we’re going to look at the exact material which is used for its formation to get a fuller understanding of its strength. Well, no surprise, with Dewalt’s magnificent engineering you should rest assured as this incredible blade is constructed using tungsten carbide for exceptional durability and cutting through wooden particles smoothly.

Moreover, this one comes with a specially designed anti-stick coating. This incredibly intelligent formulation, as result, would help the blade work without any friction and deliver smooth cuts every time.

Often the outer structure of the blades is deformed due to heavy impact from touched pressure-treated woods. But, here that possibility is reduced to a certain degree because it uses a reinforced shoulder that offers phenomenal resistance against heavy, deformation-causing impacts.

Last but not the least, this blade is specially designed to give you a versatile and equal performance on both corded and cordless devices. Increased thickness, similar to that of the Freud Thin Kerf Combination Blade, may seem like a problem in it. However, given the incredible benefits it offers, you must have a pleasant experience using one of these.


  • Tungsten carbide material for added cutting strength
  • Anti stick coating for friction-free cuts Reinforced shoulders reduce impact damage
  • Offers equally adjusted performance on both corded and cordless devices
  • Correct blade set up for cleaner cut


  • May seem a bit too thick

BOSCH DCB1072CD 10 In. 72 Tooth Edge Circular Saw

BOSCH DCB1072CD 10 In. 72 Tooth Edge Circular Saw

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At the closing parts of our guide, we now have the much-renowned tech giant Bosch saw blades. This one too can offer a quality performance as its incredible user experience records display. Let’s learn more about this one.


  • Designed for tough jobs
  • 72 extra strong tooth
  • Specially designed for the miter saw
  • Speedcoat technology for smooth cutting 
  • Added shelf life
  • Blades for smooth cut

As we always do, we’d talk about the materials first as they make up the most of what the blade is all about. Well, no surprise to learn that this incredibly strong blade is created using brute carbide. It’s tough construction should withstand wood cutting anyday.

Plus, it also uses a micro-grain construction technology, which would offer protection from external damages dealt during operation. On the other hand, it will increase the durability level to a certain degree so you can use it for a long time.

Moreover, this one is intelligently engineered to equip itself with a triple chip grind tooth geometric design. Because of this tremendously scientifically advanced design, the blade would offer you exceptional and smooth cutting performance.

The accuracy too, is on point and you should be able to use this blade for a variety of different woodworking operations due to the precision advantages associated with it.

Finally, similar to the Freud Thin Kerf Combination Blade, this one too is a thinner kerf blade which will reduce the time-consumption of each task you want to perform.

Like any other blade, it can be prone to slight wearing after long use. Apart from that, there is really nothing significantly negative to talk about. Overall, it looks like a pretty effective saw blade you can have for almost any job out there!


  • Brute caribe construction for strength
  • Micrograin technology reduces damage
  • Triple chip grind a tooth for smooth cuts
  • Faster work output


  • Can be prone to wear and tear

DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade

DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade

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Finally, we have the Dewalt saw blade for extraordinary cutting performance. Coming unparalleled user satisfaction records, this should be something you can go for without any form of hesitation.


  • Versatile corded/cordless operation
  • Cuts various materials
  • Strengthened construction
  • Longer shelf life
  • Impact resistance technology

You’d be glad to learn that this one too comes with a high-density tungsten carbide construction, much similar to the one we talked about earlier, the DEWALT Circular Saw Blade.

As a result of using such touch compounds, you’d notice an extraordinary strength and wear resistance in this particular blade, increasing the shelf life to a certain degree.

Moreover, this one too comes with an anti-stick coating. Having this coating on the surface of the blade, it’d make it a lot more smooth and offer you butter-like cutting capability.

One of the benefits of this particular blade is, being a kerf blade, it’d offer you a faster work experience, reducing the time being spent on each cutting task and making you able to be more productive.

Additionally, it also has reinforced shoulders. So if you’re cutting sturdy materials like hardened wooden pieces, this blade should offer outstanding performance on the whole.

Finally, the cuts will be done without any chipping or tearing, giving you an undamaged and polished blade despite the increased use.

Although it may have a slightly rough edge, this one would still be the number one choice for those who love professional woodworking.


  • Tungsten carbide offers tremendous blade strength
  • Added wear resistance for long usability
  • Anti-stick coating for buttery smooth cutting
  • Kerf blade offers quicker operations


  • May seem to leave a rough edge for some

Buying Guide to Get the Best Circular Saw Blade for Pressure Treated Wood

You can get any blade anytime. But the question is how do you understand whether it’s worth the investment? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll talk about and show you the ways to get a quality saw blade for your device.

 Blade Size

Blade size is one of the most crucial factors which you should ponder upon before moving ahead. Each woodworker has his own ways of doing things and each task requires different sized blades.

So, don’t just go for Any blade, instead reflect on the types of work you do, collect the measurements, and go for a blade length that suits your job.

 Construction Material

Always check what the blade is made of. The material is the main element that builds your blade.

If the material is poorly constructed and is not that tough, it may not withstand the extreme friction while cutting pressure-treated woods. Carbide would surely be a quality blade material you can consider.

 Anti-Stick Coating and Anti-Vibration

Often while working through wooden panels you have a rough experience. The blade can sometimes get jammed and cause heavy friction.

It will make cutting the wooden panel extremely difficult as the device would shake strongly if such things happen. That’s why it’d be wise to go for blades with an anti-stick coating on them for buttery smooth cuts.

Some blades are also designed keeping in mind the vibration issues that may occur during the use. It will keep the vibration levels minimum and offer a steadier cutting capability.

 Thinner Kerf Design

It’s a popular saw blade design mainly used for faster cuts. If you’re someone who likes to get his work done quickly and be more productive, going for the thinner kerf blades would surely be a wise move.

 Cutting Precision

Finally, you must focus on the accuracy of the blade. If blades offer accurate cuts, your woodworking jobs will become easier. It will reduce cutting flaws and guarantee spectacular design outputs.

Well, these are the few things you can consider while getting a saw blade and we’re positive that you’d have quality performance out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Type of Blade Is Best for Cutting Pressure Treated Wood?

As we already said, going for the carbide-tipped blades would certainly be the ideal option for easily cutting pressure-treated wood.

Does Pressure Treated Wood Need to Dry Before Cutting?

Well, it depends on the situation if it’s okay to cut pressure-treated in any form. But cutting wet wood would surely pose a challenge so make sure they’re dry before going ahead.

Why Can’t You Cut Pressure Treated Wood?

There are possibly two main reasons behind it. First, you may not be able to cut it because the saw device you’re using doesn’t produce enough power to cut it through. Secondly, the blade isn’t as sharp or strong to do the job.

Should I Wear a Mask When Cutting Pressure-treated Wood?

You must wear safety goggles and a mask before cutting any material using your saw to minimize dust inhalation or eye damage.

Can I Cut Pressure Treated Wood With a Circular Saw?

You can in fact cut using a circular saw, given that the saw is powerful enough the blade is a carbide-toothed, heavy-duty blade.

 Final Words

Well, after a long and detailed talk on some quality saw blades we’re at the final parts of our guide. The all-inclusive guide incorporates highly crucial information about each blade so it helps you make your decisions a lot easier.

You can use the data provided in our guide to understand the benefits of the downsides of the blades and go for the one that suits you. However, most of the blades we talked about are pretty tough, carbide-tipped, and made by some of the best manufacturers around the globe.

So, get the best circular saw blade, attach it to your device, and start rolling right away!

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