how to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw

how to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw

One prime desire of people is to get things ideally. No matter what the thing is, humans always want perfection in their life and items related to their life.

In the same way, I am a human being and wanted perfection in my craft works. And to complete that work and get a perfect outcome, I used a circular saw.

Now you may want to know, “How to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw?” I must say that you are in the right place. Read the entire article to get your desired answer.

What Is Circular Saw?

There are many instruments for cutting things, but the circular saw is the most useful among them. It has an electric motor that rotates a round blade quickly, allowing users to quickly cut through tough lumber, plywood, and other materials.

Circular saw work quickly and effectively. You can master the circular saw with a few pointers and some practice.

Crucial Parts of Circular Saw

Before using it, you must know about the parts of a circular saw. The crucial parts of the circular saw are explained below:

  • Motor

A motor is placed inside the metal and plastic enclosure. Circular saws come with a variety of motor designs. Even though today’s brushless models do not need high maintenance, it is essential to know about the parts of the circular saws.

  • Blade

The round blade of a circular saw has many sharp teeth. The motor enables the blade to spin quickly, and the front of the blade cuts by making strokes upward.

A Blade Guard

The speedy blade can cause damage to you and surfaces if you come into contact with it. The retractable blade guard is a part of a circular saw, which is spring-loaded. 

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It glides over the blade to prevent it from unintentionally injuring someone or scratching anything. It needs to retract automatically while cutting something.

  • Trigger

This section activates and deactivates the saw. Pressing this button will accelerate the blade’s speed right away. It means you cannot customize the speed of the circular saw as it lacks pressure-sensitive triggers.

  • Safety

Safety switches can prevent you from mistakenly starting the saw. Few circular saws contain safety switches. However, you can operate it with your thumb.

  • Plate

The part of the saw that rests upon the material is called the plate. It can be modified to cut angles. Plates are commonly made of steel, aluminum, or die casting.

  • Bevel Adjustment

Based on the model, bevel adjustment is located at the back or front of the saw. You can modify the angle between the plate and the saw blade with the help of bevel adjustment.

Most often, these are levers or knobs. Despite their imperfect accuracy, they are more than sufficient for framing.

  • Depth Adjustment

The blade of a circular saw can be customized to various depths. It enables users to cut thicker lumber or score surfaces before cutting.

Depth adjustment is usually a lever. It is located at the back of a circular saw.

Projects That Need A 45-Degree Angle Cut

In various fields, including carpentry, architecture, and construction, 45-degree angle cuts are necessary. The four most frequent situations that call for such cuts are as follows:

  • Interior Finishing

For symmetrical and flawless finishing, interior detailing components on surfaces like windows and doors sometimes require mitered materials. Therefore, you will probably need a few cuts at a 45-degree angle.

  • Photo Frames

You can make photo frames with little effort. But to create the frames, you need mitered cuts. Since every frame is square or rectangular and needs 90-degree corners, you need 45-degree angle cuts.

  • Cladding on The Interior And Exterior

Construction and decoration both rely heavily on cladding. You can put a cover over an existing surface for added protection and an improved look. To link the corners and create weather-tightness on weatherboard junctions, you need 45-degree angles.

  • Cabinetry

Most woodworkers build their 90-degree joints using 45-degree angle cuts. In the case of sideboards, the top and bottom boards are typically linked at 90-degree angles. Without 90-degree corners, you cannot make cabinets.

  • Making An Ordinary Furniture

Miter cuts make it simpler to put together most furniture pieces, including bookshelves, chairs, and coffee tables. Although various joining methods are available, miter cuts are more accessible, durable, and ideal.

The Important Materials to Cut 45 Degree Angle with Circular Saw

You will need some things to cut at a 45-degree angle with a circular saw. The materials are as follows:

  • A Circular Saw
  • Speed Square
  • Tape
  • 2 Clamps
  • A sandpaper

The Steps of Cutting 45 Degree Angle with Circular Saw

After getting all the information, you may ask, “How to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw?” There are a few easy steps to cut a 45-degree angle with a circular saw. Using these steps, you can cut different miter cuts, which do not need extra talent to master.

  • Step 1: Choose The Depth

Setting up the blade’s depth is essential before beginning a cut. You may produce an accurate output by altering the depth of the blade for each operation.

To complete your work, you must alter the saw plate such that the blade is about ¼ inch deeper than the bottom of the wood board. When you are sure that you have completed your work, tighten the lever of the circular saw.

  • Step 2: Organize The Saw Guide

To organize the saw guide, place the 45-degree angle guide in the proper location, line up the blade with the workpiece, and steadily hold the saw guide. To prevent the saw angle from slipping, ensure it is firmly in place.

To keep the guide from slipping, a clamp is useful. You can turn on your saw, double-check alignment, and take other precautions.

  • Step 3: Set The Circular Saw in Position

To cut the line, you must have marked your workpiece. After that, set your circular saw’s blade on the drawn line. Additionally, ensure the saw guide is firmly fixed to the plate.

  • Step 4: Begin The Cut

After preparing everything, please turn on your circular saw and wait a few seconds for it to reach its maximum speed. To place the blade on the marked line, set the saw against the workpiece.

To cut the wood, you may be inclined to push the saw against it. You should resist yourself from doing it because it could ruin the job.

  • Step 5: Firmly Cut The Workpiece

It is crucial to move the circular saw firmly. You must apply little force while cutting the workpiece. Besides, you must remember the interconnection between the cutting board and your saw blade.

You have to use a little force because it will allow your circular saw to cut the wood at a 45-degree angle. Ensure the cutting board stays in place, so the saw blade stays in its predetermined position. If you have to cut two 45-degree ends, go one after another.

Safety Tips for Circular Saws

There are some safety tips for using circular saws. The tips are given below:

  • Using circular saws can cause flying wood chips. Moreover, a circular saw can create extreme noise. It is crucial to put on the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), for example, safety glasses and hearing protection.
  • Make sure that nothing comes under the saw while using a circular saw.
  • You should never remove the blade guards. Elevate the guard with its handle before beginning the blade; if the blade guard stops the cut.
  • Always keep your grip on the saw until the work is completed. If you let go while the saw blade is still spinning, it may create suffering for you.
  • Before modifying the saw’s bevel angle or blade depth, unplug it or remove the battery.
  • Check the saw before each usage. Check the operation of the blade guard, trigger, safety switch, cord, and plug.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use A Circular Saw to Cut at Any Angle?

You can use a circular saw to cut at any angle, such as 45, 60, and 90 degrees.

How Many Measuring Tools Are There to Measure 45 Degree Angle?

Four measuring tools can measure a 45-degree angle: protractor, roofing square, sliding bevel, and angle finder.

How Can I Cut A 60-Degree Angle?

The most straightforward technique to cut a 60-degree angle in wood is to use a miter saw to cut the angle after measuring it using a protractor.

To Create A Triangle, What Angle Should I Cut?

There are three types of a triangle you may wish to cut. You should cut an equilateral triangle at a 60-degree angle, a right-angled triangle at 90 degrees, and an isosceles triangle at different angles.

What Is The Best Way to Cut Photo Frames with Precisely 45 Degree Angles?

The best way to cut photo frames with precisely 45-degree angles is to use a saw and miter box.

How Can I Measure Miter Cut for A Photo Frame?

You can measure miter cuts for a photo frame by using a protractor.

Final Words

Cutting something is very tricky and risky. You need to be careful and attentive when cutting something at different angles. There are different types of tools to cut a 45-degree angle.

Among them, a circular saw is the best one. If you have a question like “How to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw“, you must go through this article.

Not only will you be able to know the way or steps to cut a 45-degree angle, but also you will get the perfect outcome by following the steps and safety tips thoroughly. So, take advantage of the opportunity.

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