Best Circular Saw With Laser Guide

Best Circular Saw With Laser Guide For Easy And Accurate Woodworking

Circular saws are surely one of the most wanted power tools, especially for woodworkers. But what qualities make them such a powerful cutting tool?

Well, a laser guide is one of the many conveniences a woodworker looks for in a power-cutting saw. It not only helps you stay focused while working but also lets you maintain accurate cutlines. With a laser guide, the lines appear red and that’s how you don’t make an inaccurate cut, not a bit.

On that note, let’s explore the following five best circular saws with a laser guide and see how they help the DIYers improve their accuracy.

Let’s dig in!

Best Circular Saw with Laser Guide for Woodworking

As circular saws are made in countless designs, it’s pretty hard to choose the lightweight circular saw, especially for newbies. That being said, we handpicked the following products that are the current best in the market. So, check them out before buying.

Best for DIY Projects- HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw with 3 Saw Blades

HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw with 3 Saw Blades

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First, let’s explore a very popular compact saw from HYCHIKA, the name that always lives up to its promises. This corded electric model includes the following specifications for better performance.


  • 4 amp durable and powerful copper motor
  • Includes 3 different saw blades for multiple light cutting.
  • Maintains straight cutting line with the laser guide
  • Comes with a soft rubber handle to ensure a better grip
  • Has a double protection switch as a premium safety feature

If you are looking for a circular saw that outstands others in terms of accurate cutting, you have got your pick.

Actually, quick and precise cut is the specialty of this corded saw featuring a top-notch laser guide. And the parallel guide offers adjustable cutting depth from 0-25 mm.

On the same note, this mini circular saw is highly suggested if you want to avoid hand fatigue. Besides being lightweight, it has a soft rubberized handle that adds comfort while working.

With the compact copper motor, you can get a 4500 RPM cutting speed which is pretty high. And the three different saw blades competently cut through wood, metal, tile, etc.

As you know, sawdust is nothing new while working with a circular saw. But this mini saw features a dust-proof interface. Therefore, you can keep the working surface clean enough.

However, it’s a very good choice for quick and accurate cuts but not for circular cuts. But the reasonable price range of this saw offers more than you can expect from a mini circular saw.


  • The ergonomic design makes the saw durable
  • The 8 inches blade cuts through anything quickly
  • 4500 RPM high cutting speed
  • The lightweight construction is good for the DIYers
  • Offers adjustable cutting depth


  • Not suitable for circular/radius cut
  • Dust-collector could be better

Most Handy- PowerSmart 4-½” Corded Circular Saw with Laser Cutting Guide

Corded Circular Saw with Laser Cutting Guide

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Next, we have a smart and advanced circular saw with a powerful blade just as the name suggests. Let’s explore its core specifications below.


  • Up to 45° angle adjustment for bevel cuts
  • Powerful 4 amp motor
  • Upto 3500 RPM cutting speed
  • Compatible to cut through a wide variety of materials
  • Precise cutting performance, thanks to the laser indicator

Do you need a versatile cutting saw to cut wood, PVC, plastic, etc? Why not try this PowerSmart package that comes with a mini circular saw, two 4.5″ saw blades, a dust exhaust pipe, a scale ruler, a hex wrench for easy blade changing, and a thorough user manual.

Similar to the HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw, it too runs by a 4 amp durable motor delivering optimum cutting speed.

Moreover, it has a lightweight construction weighing 50% less than its contemporary corded saws. Resultantly, it’s one of the handiest compact saws you can ever get.

Of course, the soft and comfortable handle plays a vital role to make the saw easily operable.

Aside from that, you can use the saw to cut through the different thicknesses. With the 24T blade, it can effortlessly cut through 2×4s in a single pass.

Despite the positives, the non-adjustable speed setting might disappoint you a bit. Keeping this minor issue aside, it’s really a great deal for any woodworker out there.


  • Innovative and ergonomic design for advanced woodworking 
  • Very handy to use
  • 3500 RPM no-load cutting speed
  • Upto 2.0″ cutting depth adjustment
  • Includes a dust port and a vacuum adaptor to minimize sawdust


  • Doesn’t have that much power to handle bigger projects
  • The saw heats up while being used

Best on Budget- ENVENTOR 5800 RPM Corded Circular Saw with Laser Guide

5800 RPM Corded Circular Saw with Laser Guide

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Here we have the best budget-friendly option for handheld circular saws. Let’s check out this ENVENTOR saw to learn more about it.


  • Built-in laser guide to maintaining straight lines while cutting
  • Powerful 10 amp heavy duty motor
  • Upto 5800 RPM cutting speed for fast and angled cuts
  • Includes an integrated dust blower to clear sawdust
  • Adjustable cutting depth adds versatility in woodworking

All we can say about this handsaw is that it makes a perfect choice as a practical gift item. You can gift it to your parents, friends, or anybody interested in DIY wood crafting jobs.

Talking about the advantages, the saw is a really powerful one reaching 5800 RPM maximum cutting speed. Therefore, you can flawlessly cut through versatile materials including plasterboards, plastics, tiles, PVC pipe, wood, etc.

And thanks to the adjustable cutting depth, you get a maximum of 2-7/16″ depth at 90° and 1-13/16″ depth at 45°.

Need a tidy working surface? The inbuilt dust extractor will take care of the sawdust. Besides, it also improves the visibility of the cutting line.

Best of all, it’s extremely budget-friendly. That doesn’t mean it compromises with the quality. In fact, having so many amenities including a laser and a scale guide at such a low cost makes it a must-try for anybody.However, due to the powerful motor, it’s a bit heavyweight. If you prefer a more lightweight one, go for the PowerSmart one.


  • 180 mm blade length for smooth and precise cuts
  • Adjustable cutting angle makes the saw more versatile
  • Integrated dust blower for effective dust extraction
  • Fast and facile cutting with a great cutting speed
  • Durable construction with reliable motor for power-packed performance


  • Some users found the saw delivering rough cuts
  • The saw smells unpleasant in the first few weeks

Most Lightweight- EnerTwist 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

EnerTwist 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

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Next on the list, we have cordless models from EnerTwist, the name needs no introduction. The prime features of this power cutting tool are as follow-


  • Made for multipurpose use with 4.5″ blade length
  • Very handy to carry as it weighs only 4.5 lbs
  • 0-45° bevel settings for quick adjustments
  • 100% accuracy in woodworking, thanks to the laser and parallel guide
  • Integrated dust port to maintain a neat and clean working environment

Well, the first point to notice about this heavy-duty saw is the excellent portability. Being very lightweight, it delivers outstanding maneuverability, especially while working outdoors.

Apart from that, the 4-½” blade size is more than enough to cut through wood, metal, drywall, tile, plastic, etc.

As it’s a cordless tool, you can easily operate it with one hand. Furthermore, the left-side blade design makes the tool even more user-friendly.

More importantly, it also includes a 4.0 amp lithium-ion battery with the package.

All things considered, it’s one of the best 20V cordless circular saws with a laser guide of all time.

But it’s a bit expensive. Of course, the price tag pays for some additional benefits. Still, if you need an affordable option, we suggest the Enventor 5800 RPM Corded Circular Saw with Laser Guide.


  • Extremely lightweight mini saw for outstanding portability
  • Includes a vacuum adapter for cleaner working area
  • Includes different saw blades for multipurpose usage
  • Comes with both battery and charger
  • The inbuilt safety trigger ensures both comfort and control


  • A bit expensive
  • A bit challenging to start the saw

Best Battery Life- MOTORHEAD 20V Ultra 6-½” Cordless Circular Saw

Best Battery Life- MOTORHEAD 20V Ultra 6-½" Cordless Circular Saw 

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Last but not least, we have an amazing cordless saw from MOTORHEAD. The salient features of this power cutting tool are-


  • Comes with a LUMINMAX LED light to illuminate the working surface
  • Perfect to cut through deep materials with the 6″ blade
  • Offers a metal blade housing which is more durable than a plastic one
  • Perfect and precise miter cuts up to 50°
  • Comes with a compact 2Ah battery with heavy-duty performance

Usually, we find laser guides for Dewalt circular saw in the market. But you can also try this premium-quality cordless saw from MOTORHEAD if you prefer a perfect cutting line.

Compared to the other 6-½” cordless tools, it can cut through thicker materials, that too with ultimate perfection. No rough cuts, no edgy ends, nothing. Isn’t that what every woodworker wants from their saws?

More interestingly, it comes with a battery that features a fuel gauge indicator. That means you can always observe your battery percentage. And when needed, recharge the battery with the 1-hour fast charger.

In addition, the charger will never affect the battery life. You can blindly trust the company’s buildup quality. They always provide long-lasting power tools.

However, it’s basically designed for left-handed users. So, you might face difficulty if you are a right-handed person. Apart from that, it’s a great power saw, indeed!


  • Rugged and reliable architecture
  • Includes all the necessary accessories in a single package
  • No overheating issues found with the battery or charger
  • Offers clean and controlled cuts with the laser beam
  • An integrated dust collection port collects sawdust easily


  • The carrying bag is too small
  • Not for right-handed users

What’s the Difference Between a Circular Saw and a Miter Saw?

Although many people assume that both miter saws and circular saws are used for the same purpose, they have some basic differences.

It’s true that both the power tools are used for cutting purposes. But they are not each other’s substitute. Both have some specialized usages.

First of all, let’s talk about the budget. A circular saw is way more affordable compared to a miter saw. Besides being handheld, they are more portable as well.

On the contrary, a miter saw is a stationary tool that cuts down the wood. Also, they are more precise while cutting wood or wood-like materials.

To add more, miter saws are safer than circular ones. But if you use a circular saw carefully, it creates no issues.

Talking about versatility, circular saws are the race winner. But miter saws stand apart in terms of ease of use. Even a complete beginner can operate them skillfully. In turn, operating circular saws need some practice.

Above all, you can store a circular saw anywhere as it’s more compact. Also, unlike a miter saw, it can perform both rip cuts and crosscuts while the first one is only capable of crosscuts.

So, if you can afford only one tool, we recommend buying a circular saw.

What Are the Benefits of a Circular Saw with a Laser Guide?

Now you might ask, why is a laser guide so important for a circular saw? What are the amenities it offers? Okay, let’s check them out below!

To be honest, you cannot but rely on a laser guide to get an exact straight cut with heavy-duty performance, straighter than an arrow. It’s only possible when the laser beam will highlight the whole cutting line.

Moreover, it also improves the visibility of the cutting line so that you can flawlessly make a precise cut.

Once you attach the laser cut guide in front of the saw, you just need to point it out at the cut line and pull the trigger. The laser line will let you perform a perfect cut with 100% accuracy.

As a result, even an absolute beginner can accomplish a precision cut with the help of this premium feature.

The Buyer’s Guide of Laser Guide Circular Saw

So, what are the things that make a circular saw stand out from others aside from a laser-cut guide?  Want to know?  Don’t worry!  We have narrowed down the checklists below.

Dust Blower

An inbuilt dust blower can solve many problems, particularly it can clean the sawing dust and debris. Resultantly, the cutting line would be cleaned so that you can fully use the laser guide advantage.

Blade Guard

Next, the blade guard should be pretty well-built. It’s better to have a metal guard instead of a plastic one. Moreover, it must be connected to the saw blade for better operation. After all, the blade guard is a crucial component when it comes to protecting the blade.

Angle Cut

Featuring a laser guide, a compact saw must be able to perform angle cuts. Because we often cannot maintain the accuracy while angle-cuts. Surely, a laser guide is a much-needed feature in such situations.


Aside from other features, a circular saw must have a compact and lightweight structure. As it is a handheld tool, an easy one-handed operation is expected to maintain balance while woodworking. So, lightweight saws are preferable to make controlled cuts.

On top of that, lightweight mini saws are more portable too.


While deciding on your ideal pick, you might be confused between a worm-drive saw or a sidewinder saw. If you are a right-handed user, go for the first style. It offers increased visibility.

But the sidewinder ones have the motor right next to the blade, usually on the right side. So, left-handed users find it more comfortable to use.

Although the worm-drive saws offer less control than the sidewinder ones, the latter seems a bit heavier on the motor side.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Circular Saws Dangerous?

At times, they can be dangerous. After all, they are powerful cutting tools having faster blades. But if you know the basics of how to run them carefully, you can avoid severe injuries.

Is It Worth Having a Laser Guide Circular Saw?

Absolutely yes. In fact, it’s one of the must-have features in circular saws nowadays. As most woodworking projects demand 100% accuracy with arrow-straight cutting lines, a laser guide has no alternative.

Which Brand Makes the Best Circular Saw?

Apart from the Dewalt cordless circular saw with a laser guide, there are some other brands ruling the market right now. For example, PowerSmart, EnerTwist, ENVENTOR, etc. produce some world-class saws with a laser indicator.

What Is Most Important in a Circular Saw?

Out of so many specs, a circular saw must have accuracy while cutting through wood or any other material. On that note, a laser indicator as a perfect cutline marker is the best feature for such power tools.

How Do You Attach a Laser to a Circular Saw?

You can attach a laser marker to any circular saw with an adhesive pad, screw mount, or magnetic mount. Just read the description first of how to install it and follow the process.

Final Thoughts

Having limitless power tools as options, it’s a challenging task to select the best circular saw with a laser guide. With that in mind, we tried our best to offer you some decent choices.

Hopefully, you found the right tool above. If not, then try the MOTORHEAD 20V Ultra 6-½” Cordless Circular Saw. It’s the most durable saw on the list. Also, it offers amazing battery life.

Besides, the HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw is a pretty good selection if you are a DIYer. It offers high cutting speed with adequate safety features.

However, all the saws above offer an integrated laser guide to make woodworking a breeze. With the help of this wonderful feature, you can maintain an accurate and straight cut from beginning to end.

So, avail your pick now before it runs out!

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