Can You Use a Chainsaw In the Rain

Can You Use a Chainsaw In the Rain?

Tree-cutters used to cut trees using an ax many years ago. But then the machine chainsaw came and they found it very much comfortable and risk-free. At least, chainsaws don’t require power from us manually. But the only obstacle tree-cutters face is that they don’t want to drench their Chainsaw with rainwater or splashes when it rains. This is how even now, most tree-cutters think chainsaws shouldn’t run in Rain; otherwise, this costly machine can malfunction.

So, can you use a chainsaw in the Rain? Yes, Chainsaw doesn’t show any malfunction when using it in Rain. The rainwater won’t do any damage to the saw and it is absolutely perfect for continuing the project on wet woods.

Therefore, we are here to let you know about the effects of Chainsaw in the Rain and what will happen if you submerge Chainsaw. Also, we would like to suggest personal safety one should take before using a chainsaw in Rain.

Is It Safe to Use a Chainsaw on Wet Wood

When tree-cutters come to know it is safe to use chainsaws in Rain, they mostly come up with another question, is it ok to use a chainsaw on wet wood? People ask about it because once Chainsaw was popular in western countries where rainfalls are not regular like Asian countries. But nowadays the Asian tree-cutters use chainsaws in their temperate climate where rainfall is a regular occurrence.

So we think asking about chainsaws and wet wood is completely okay. Because when it comes to water and power tools, it makes us concerned to avoid any kinda accidents because of our negligence.

Cutting through wood logs requires different levels of effort. Because all trees do have not equal strength. For example, the chainsaw will need less effort to cut through Balsa wood than Ironwood.

Wet wood logs are no different to it. The wet wood won’t add any additional strength and the moisture will have no effect on the Chainsaw. Even the cutting process remains similar.

However, the sawdust will stick onto the Chainsaw and chain. All you have to do is clean it every few minutes.

Why Submerging the Chainsaw is Dangerous?

Is it ok to use a chainsaw in the Rain? Yes, it is. You can use plastic to cover the engine of the Chainsaw. It protects the engine from getting touched with rainwater. However, using plastic isn’t required at all because experts say you can use a chainsaw in Rain without having anything to keep the Chainsaw dry.

Every Chainsaw has an air filter that protects the engine to get in contact with the water. But it only works for water splashes. If you submerge the Chainsaw completely underwater, the engine may get in contact with water and mage the whole mechanism.

Results of Running Different chainsaws in Rain

As chainsaws can get power from different sources, that’s why we see different types of chainsaws in the market. Here, we’ll discuss the rainwater effect on different types of chainsaws.

Gas-powered Chainsaw

Is it bad to use a chainsaw in the Rain? No, it is not. In fact, most gas-powered chainsaws have the ability to handle moisture. So you can use gas-powered chainsaws on rainy days. But beware, never submerge the Chainsaw underwater.

Same suggestions for fuel-powered chainsaws. We all know if water gets into the fuel tank, your Chainsaw won’t get the power to run. So don’t forget to make sure the fuel tank is sealed properly.

Electric Chainsaw

Can I use my Chainsaw in the Rain? Yes, you can. But if you have an electric chainsaw, then restrictions may come. Most of the electric chainsaws are either corded or have batteries. For corded electric chainsaws, we will refuse to use them in the Rain.

If the Chainsaw is electric but not corded, we may use it in the Rain, but don’t forget to seal the place where the battery is.

Preventing Chainsaw Rust

So far we are inspired to use Chainsaw in the Rain. Because most of the gas-powered and fuel-powered chainsaws are absolutely fine under Rain and for wet woods. It’s because the air filtration system doesn’t allow water splashes to enter the engine box. But here we didn’t mention the rust that will cover your chain and bar. For preventing rust, you guys should follow a couple of steps:

Dry out the moisture on Chain and Bar

After using a chainsaw in the Rain, never forget to make it dry using a clean dry rag. If you can’t dry the entire Chainsaw, at least try to dry out the moisture from the Chain and bar. Because they are the most important part of the Chainsaw.

 Oiling the Chainsaw

Lubricating machine parts is the best possible way to save them from unexpected rust. No matter how rarely you use a chainsaw, don’t forget to oil the chain and bar every week or two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Operate a Chainsaw in the Rain?

– yeah, operating a chainsaw on rainy days or in Rain doesn’t cause any problems as long as the Chainsaw gets power from gas or oil. Though nowadays we see small electric battery-powered Chainsaw, if somehow water reaches your battery, you will have to change the battery for sure.

Is it Bad to Use a Chainsaw on Wet Wood?

– The wet wood won’t add any additional strength and the moisture will have no effect on the Chainsaw. Even the cutting process remains similar. However, the sawdust will stick onto the Chainsaw and chain. All you have to do is clean it every few minutes.

Is it Okay to Use a Battery powered Chainsaw in the Rain?

  – If the battery-powered Chainsaw protects the battery exceptionally well from water getting in, then it is okay to use a battery-powered chainsaw in Rain. But if any malfunction happens, you can have an electric shock. That’s why we suggest not using a battery-powered Chainsaw in the Rain.

Final Thoughts

So far we have answered all the questions about using chainsaws under Rain. We tried to explain them as logically as we can. But we recommend not to use any chainsaw in Rain and slippery ground if you are in no hurry. Because slippery surfaces and stormy winds can cause any kind of unexpected accidents and your body may get in contact with chainsaws. Which will be so damaging.

Sob aware of your skill and make sure of safety before using a chainsaw in rain.

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