Do Chainsaw Chains Stretch

Do Chainsaw Chains Stretch | How to Stay Safe Step to Step Guide

Extended or loose chains can be very dangerous when using a chainsaw. The professional woodworker is conscious of the importance of having a tight chain.  So, their common concern is that do chainsaw chains stretch?

Chainsaw is for the homeowner, professional woodworker, craftsman, and industrial wood artisan. It is very natural for the chain of Chinese to be stretched with regular use. As a result, the user may not get proper tension and friction when woodworking even they can fall in great danger.

This guide will discuss how much a chainsaw chain stretches, how a chainsaw chains stretch after suing, and how to keep a chainsaw chain tight. So, let’s start.

Do chainsaw chains stretch?

does chainsaw chain stretch? Yes, generally, we can say that chainsaws stretch over time. The real thing is that a chainsaw doesn’t get longer, but the chain loop can stretch after first use. Besides, there have more reasons for becoming a chainsaw longer or loosen. Let’s know what causes the chainsaw chain to stretch.

The Causes of Chain Stretch:

What causes the chainsaw chain to stretch? although there has no technical reason for chainsaw chain stretch, three crucial reasons can cause chain stretch. Let’s look at the common causes of a chainsaw stretch.

The Chain’s First Use:

Are you starting to use a new chainsaw? Then it may get longer or stretch because of the first use. In this perspective, a chainsaw can stretch a bit within a few minutes. Some user thinks of it as a breaking chain problem. It happens because of the rivets that tend to move one side to fill up the small space. And if the user wants to turn the chain at one side continuously.

The Chain Wears Over Time:

Another strong reason for chainsaw chain stretching is wearing over time. There has a strong connection between the chain links and rivets that can wear down with the change of time. And that is why a chainsaw chain can stretch after long-time use. It is also called the increase of loop length.

The Chain Gets Hot:

A chainsaw chain also stretches due to them getting hot. Good to know that metal is usually getting stretched for overheating.  Many woodworkers ask that should a chainsaw chain be tight? No, it is not good at all. Setting up the chain with too tight conditions can overheat and stretch the chain.

How to recognize a stretched chain?

Recognizing a stretch is important. Otherwise, a user can face great danger or accident at any time. Here are some simple steps to recognize that your chainsaw chain is getting stretched.

Step 1:

Please turn off the chainsaw and put it on level ground or a table. As well as, make sure that the chainsaw gets completely cool.

Step 2:

Now, look at the chain part running under the guide bar. If there has any sag down, then it should tighten the chain.

Step 3:

If the chain is close to touching the guide bar, then hold the chain with one hand carefully. Wearing a hand glove can protect the user’s hand from an accident.

Step 4:

Now pull up the chain a bit and notice if the chain is stretched. And make sure your Chainsaw chain is stretched or not.

How to tighten a chainsaw chain?

Since loose or over-stretched chains are dangerous for users, it is important to take appropriate action. We’ve only talked about three simple ways to tighten the chainsaw chain.

  • Loosen the Nuts on the Guide Bar Side Panel
  • Adjust the Tensioning Screw
  • Tighten the Guide Bar Side Panel Nuts

Loosen the Nuts on the Guide Bar Side Panel:

In this step, the guide bar and chainsaw need to adjust together. Then move the side panel and remember to unlock the panel if the chainsaw breaks directly connected with the side panel.

Adjust the Tensioning Screw:

Now adjust the tension screw that is located near the guide bar. Tightening these screws keeps the chain tight enough. On the contrary, the chain would be loosened if the screws loosen. So, check the screw connection correctly.

Tighten the Guide Bar Side Panel Nuts:

Tightening the chain bar nose is crucial because it protects the sidebar and guide of the chainsaw.

How Tight Should You Make the Chainsaw Chain?

Should a chainsaw chain be tight? although it’s important to tighten the chainsaw chain, what is the limit? How tight should you make the chainsaw chain? Remember that an excess tight chain is not good for woodworking operations, as it should not much loosen.

How to know if the chain is overtightened or loosened? You can test the tension of the chainsaw chain to know that. Also, know that over-loosen and over-tighten both are harmful to the user and the chainsaw.

First of all, put the chain between the thumb and index finger. Then pull the chain gradually outside the guide bar. Observe, so the chain has still stayed inside the bar. Now release the chain and let it come back completely inside the bar. In this case, the user manual is very helpful for proper instruction.

How to Know When to Replace the Chain on Your Chainsaw

A professional and expert user can easily know the replacing time because they regularly observe the chain condition. The most crucial part is to notice the cutting performance of the chain.

A loosen, stretch, or worn-out chain that can’t properly cut the wood indicates the chainsaw chain’s bad condition. Besides, if the chain gets excess to loosen, it indicates the quick worn-out problem. So, the best way is to check out the chain condition after each use.

How Often Should a Chain Be Replaced?

Do woodworkers usually want to know that will a chainsaw chain stretch? Yes, and knowing the ideal time of replacement is important. The stability of a chainsaw can reduce because of excess use. Generally, a chainsaw chain can damage completely within five years. However, if the user uses a chain daily for a long time, that chain would damage within two to three years.

Proper maintenance can make a chain long-lasting. It is recommended to make sure about the sharpness of chain teeth and observe the cutting performance. At the same time, observing the tighten and loosen quality of a chain can help you know the exact time of replacing a chainsaw.

Can Chainsaw Chains be Shortened?

When someone is facing that a chainsaw is a stretch, the first task is to fix it. But if it was not possible to fix the chainsaw chain, the user may ask if it could be shortened?

Although shortening a chainsaw chain is not an ideal method, many often do it. The user can technically remove a few chain links to make it shortened. On the contrary, you must replace the chain if it is worn-out or older. The user can easily recover the problem in terms of a new chain.

How to maintain a chainsaw chain?

Here are some quick tips for woodworkers that can keep a chainsaw chain stable for years.

  • Apply oil inside the chain links and joint properly.
  • Sharp the teeth and cutter angle perfectly
  • Make sure about the proper using process
  • Don’t tighten or loosen much
  • Avoid overheating for the chainsaw chain
  • Maintaining proper tension

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Chainsaw Chains Stretch Over Time?

Can chainsaw chains stretch? yes, stretching a chainsaw is a very common matter when used over time. But it is not good to let it stretch for a long time. Remember that a loose chain can cause of bad impact on woodworking. Even it can cause danger for the user.

What Causes a Chain Saw Chain to Stretch?

A chain saw can stretch or loosen with regular use. And then it can sag on the saws guide bar. Besides, there are some common reasons why a chain can stretch. These are the chain’s first use; the chain wears over time and gets hot.

Why Won’t My Chainsaw Chain Tighten?

If you can’t follow the proper rules of tightening a chainsaw chain, then the optimal question is why does my chainsaw chain keep getting tight? The right way is to loosen the nuts and hold the guide bar. After then tighten the tension screws and guide bar. Remember not to over-tighten the chain. Why does my chainsaw chain keep loosening?

A chainsaw chain keeps loosening if it is not set properly. So, keep in mind to correctly set up and tighten the screws and guide bar. Otherwise, the chainsaw chain can become loosening often.

Final words:

In the end, you must get the answer to your optimal question that “Do chainsaw chains stretch”? Yes, it can naturally stretch or lose over time. As it is a natural incident, the user should not worry about it. But it is important to recognize the reasons for stretching a chainsaw chain mentioned above. Besides, we have mentioned some simple steps to tighten the chainsaw chain. We recommend observing the chain condition after first use and regularly. And it is mandatory to take proper steps in time. Otherwise, a loosen and stretch chain can cause great danger.

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