How To Fix A Stretched Chainsaw Chain

How To Fix A Stretched Chainsaw Chain?

Chain is a crucial part of a chainsaw. And it is normal to stretch a chainsaw’s chain after daily use. When you are working with a chainsaw, you must have a keen attention to it. Otherwise, it may stretch and then lose; even sometimes coming out of it. And it is very dangerous.

And after using a chainsaw for a long time, the chain will automatically start to lose by itself. If you don’t realize it, you will hit yourself in an accident. So we are here for you. In this article on How to fix a stretched chainsaw chain, we have discussed all the information for your safety.

Can’t Tighten A Chainsaw Chain- Follow Our Steps Immediately

Before starting with the procedure, you need to have a concept about why your chainsaw chains stretch and how to recognize them.

What Is The Cause Behind Your Chainsaw Chain Stretching?

At first, the question comes, Why does your chainsaw stretch? And this is an important question.

Tension and extreme friction is the reason behind this. When you are cutting wood with a chainsaw, friction appears. And for this, friction turns your mechanical energy to heat, and the guide bar expands. Also, the chain becomes hot. A couple of times later, the chain cools and stretches.

Again, if your chain stretches frequently, then you are using an old chainsaw. After using a lot and for a long time, your chainsaw’s chain stretches because of wear off. But give thanks to wearing on both of the chains and the sprockets.

And also, if your chainsaw is brand new, then it also stretches because of break-in points. For this, you need frequent tightening to work with new ones.

How To Recognise A Stretched Chainsaw?

To recognize whether a chainsaw is stretched or not, pull the chain from the guide bar. If you notice space between them, your chain is stretched and if not, you don’t need to tighten it. In other terms, it is called Tension.

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Remember, a perfect chainsaw will be stretched slightly and will not sag down from the guide bar.

The tension of your chainsaw chain may be good or bad.

 A properly tensioned chainsaw will remain on the guide bar and will be a little loose. But you need to tighten it enough that you can’t pull the drive links out of the bar. This is called Good tension.

On the other hand, if you find the drive links in a disengaged position from the bar, then it is Bad Tension.  And you will have to tighten it at any cost.

But for ensuring your tension, you need to follow some steps, and it will take some time-

  • Place your chainsaw in the ground level
  • Ensure you have switched off the chainsaw. If you have used it now, but it for some time to let it cool
  • Now, look at the chain attached to the guide bar. Is it sagging? Then you need to tighten it.
  • If not, then pull the chain a little. And examine the drive links.

 Now let’s start the fixing process.

How To Fix A Stretched Chainsaw Chain

Now come to the main point. To fix your stretched chainsaw chain, you have to fulfill these five simple steps-

Step-1: Make Sure Your Chainsaw Is Not Hot

Remember, the chain and the bar become hot when you use them. So before fastening it, let it cool down; otherwise, you will burn yourself. And for tightening, it is necessary to be in a cold state. Remember, heat expands metals, and when they cool down, they stretch.

Step-2: Put Your Chainsaw Properly

First, you have to place your chainsaw; whether on ground level or on a table, or place it over a vice for more stability. As it will hold your chainsaw tightly. Because safety comes first.

Step-3: Loose the Nuts Positioned on the Guide Bar

The first step is to loosen the nuts, placed on the side panel of the guide bar. This will provide the guide bar as well as the chain some room to get adjusted. In some models, brakes are connected directly to the side panel. If your model has the same structure, then at first unlock the brakes.

Step-4: Adjust the Screw

Now you need to find the adjustment screws. In different chainsaw models, in different places y, you will find the screws. The screws might be outside the bar between bolts or in an inboard position. Again if your chainsaw has an adjustment dial, you don’t need any tool.

Now raise your bar and slowly twist the screw. Do it slowly; otherwise, you can’t feel how it is going. Keep doing it until you feel it tight enough.

Tep-5: Replace the Removed Nuts on the Guide Bar

If your tightening is perfect, place the nuts you have removed in the first place.

And now take a deep breath of relief as you have fixed your stretched chainsaw chain.

Well, Having a chainsaw is one thing and maintaining it properly is a completely different thing. Again, it is easier for professional woodworkers to find and fix any kind of chain-related problems than noobs. So if you don’t know how to fix it, then contact experts immediately.

 While fixing chainsaw chains, right tension must be maintained. Don’t forget to check how your chainsaw works after fixing it.

Now a lot of questions may be roaming in your mind. Let us look at some FAQs related to the topic-

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Causes A Chainsaw Chain To Stretch?

Different factors work behind stretching your Chainsaw chain. When you use your chainsaw for the first time, it is normal for it to stretch because of the break-in period. The length of the break-in depends on prototypes and your duration of usage. Again, the heat that is produced while working also causes stretching. Wearing off is another cause for stretching.

Why Won’t My Chainsaw Chain Tighten?

If you are trying to tighten chains without removing nuts, then you aren’t following the correct procedure. But if you are following and still your chainsaw chain isn’t tightening, then it is an issue. If the screw or chainsaw case, any one of it is stripped, then your chain won’t be tightened. Have you changed the bar recently? Then check if it is the right size or not. You must check your chain’s length too.

How Do I Keep My Chainsaw Chain Tight?

If you want to tighten chainsaw chains, then you have to follow the correct procedure. At first, lose the nut holding the guide bar at the fixed place for this. You will find the nuts in the side panel. Then you have to tighten the screws. After that, replace the nuts.

Final Words

Well, we have tried to deliver all the short details about How to fix a stretched chainsaw chain to make it understandable for you.

At last, a little piece of advice from us, keep your chainsaw and chainsaw chains in proper maintenance.

That’s it. Thanks for staying with us till the end. Have a very good day!

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