How To Debark A Log With A Chainsaw

How To Debark A Log With A Chainsaw?

Why would you need anyone else to debark a log if you have a chainsaw?

Nowadays, woodwork is getting more familiar. You will see people also becoming interested in this kind of stuff. But if you have a little interest, you may know that the log or wood will not be prepared without debarking.

So how to debark a log? It comes to the question. You can do it using different kinds of tools. But for fast debarking, the chainsaw is suggested. Well, in this article on How to debark a log with a chainsaw, we will give you the complete concept of debarking with some extra tips. 

How to Cut a Log With a Chainsaw- a Complete Guideline

In two steps, you can easily perform cutting logs using a chainsaw. Then let’s get started with the procedure-

Step-1: Install Log Debarker on a Chainsaw

If you want to debark a log with a chainsaw, you have to install a log debark on a chainsaw. For this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below-

Collect All Required Tools

For installing a log debark in your chainsaw, you need to have some tools- scriber, drill bit, ruler, center punch, ball pin hammer, log wizard, and drill press.

Ensure you know about basic machine tools and their operations. 

Remove Chain and Bar of Chainsaw

It’s now time for you to remove the chain and bar. You can easily detach the chain by turning the lever at the attachment. For removing the bar, detach the screws which fasten it. 

Mark on the Bar

As you are going to install the log wizard, proper measures must be done. For this reason, it is an important step. Follow-

  • Mark a line with a center punch in the center
  • Place the log wizard in the middle with the centerline. And now you have to scribe mounting hole arc in the bar
  • With a ruler, measure the distance and scribe crossline
  • Now it’s time to create holes where the crosses are made. 

Drill Hole and Mount Log Wizard

After that, use a drill bit for drilling, in some drilling operations, a drill press is suggested. After drilling, the log wizard’s mounting bolt must be placed in the drilled place. 

Fix and Tighten the Chain

Now, at last, you have to fix and tighten the chain. For this, you may have to add chain links, tighten the chain and bar. 

Congratulations, you have installed the log wizard in your chainsaw, it’s time for debarking. 

Step-2: Debark the Log With the Chainsaw

Now we will give you some tips which will help debark. Follow the following-

Maintain Safety Measures

As you are debarking, small flakes of wood will come out randomly and at great speed. They can cause harm to your eyes. For this, wear safety goggles and gloves. 

Operate the Chainsaw on

Now switch on the machine carefully. And wait for the machine to fully operate. 

Place the Bar on the Log for Debark

After that, place machines over the log where you want to debark, slowly move the chainsaw, and peel in the log the way you want. 

How To Cut A Log With A Chainsaw: Some Useful Tips

Debarking a log may sound straightforward, but some tips can make it more enjoyable and effective.

Look for the Type of Wood

Chainsaw is best for pine and other similar types of woods that are hard enough. But for stringybarks like Cedarwood and many more, peeler spud is preferable or, if you have a pressure washer with you, you can knock mud, bark, and other dust from the log. 

Select Powerful Chainsaw

If you are thinking of adding attachments, select a strong chainsaw to hold it. In other words, the bearing should be in good condition, bar and spindle must also be oiled. Remember, if you find any scratch in the chainsaw after adding an attachment, then your chainsaw will create issues after someday use. 

Don’t Neglect Hand Tools

Keep hand tools beside you. We usually use chainsaws with attachments for better and faster results. But sometimes peeling and debarking with hand tools give a cleaner finish than chainsaw with log wizard attachment.  

Prefer Spring for Debaeking

It is better to debark in Spring rather than any other season. Because in this season, the sap is created and the wood remains soft. So you will find debarking easy in this season. 

Now a lot of questions are roaming in your mind. For this, let us look at some FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Bark From a Branch?

If you pick Spring for debarking, it will be very easy to remove barks from a branch. As the sap rises in that time. You can simply peel bark using a putty knife at that time. But if you need to peel bark in winter or the time after the sap has dried, then lose the bark first. For this, apply heat and water in the form of steam on the bark. When the bark remains hot, use a putty knife and peel it. 

What Tool Is Used To Debark Trees?

Different kinds of tools are used for debarking trees. Such as Timber tote- for moving logs, Scriber- for shaping logs one to another, peavey- for rolling and positioning logs. You can use peeling spud, bar drawknives, chainsaw, and many more for peeling. 

Should You Debark Logs?

Yes, you should debark logs. Debarking of logs increases longevity. As barks are a good habitat for insects and can even get rotten when they contact moisture.     

Can You Rip Logs With a Chainsaw?

Yes, you can rip a log with a chainsaw. For this, you have to install a log debark in a chainsaw and then debark the log according to your preference.

Final Words

That’s it all for today. I hope this article on How to debark a log with a chainsaw will help you.

Best of luck with your debarking logs, and make sure of your safety. Because safety comes first.

Have a good day!

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